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ANOTHER! 12 Hour Drift Day

The Date: 29th December

Ok so you voted for it so lets do it. December 29th will see another 12 hours of drifting back at Buxton Raceway.

Please read everything below as some drivers have said they aren't aware of some of the requirements and the format for the day.

As last month drivers will be £45 for the day.

Entrance fee to the venue is £8 payable at the gate. This applies to everyone. Drivers, passengers and spectators.

Passengers are £10 for the day.

Tyre changes are still FREE!!!

This is a pre-book event and last month we sold out. Donít miss out! BUY BELOW


Drivers briefing will be at 9.30am in the bar and all drivers must attend
Track opens at 10am
There will be a short break in track time before it gets dark.

The track will close at 10pm

When leaving the venue please be considerate to our [few] neighbours.

As everyone is aware continuing once it gets dark is new to Buxton. At the moment the pits are not well lit so please bring lighting with you so you can see what your doing in your pit area.

All drivers must attend a drivers briefing. The main briefing is at 9.30am. Drivers who arrive late will be made to wait until the next briefing. Briefings will be every hour from 11am onwards. So if you want to be on track for 10am donít be late!

Vehicle safety checks will be carried out to cars after briefing in the pits. Please bear in mind this is for your safety. If we deem a car unfit we will usually help or advise how to get it sorted. This doesnít mean your day is over.

Vehicle requirements. This is important as people are ignoring this!

All vehicles without exception are required to attend with all panels fitted and secure. This INCLUDES Bumpers. Bash bars are not a replacement for your bumpers. Vehicles must be in good mechanical condition and should not participate if they are unsafe. Seats must be securely mounted as must harnesses or seat belts. Windows must be in place or window nets used. Drivers door must open as must the passenger door if your taking out passengers. Exhausts must have at least one silencer. No straight through pipes please. No leaks and no sharp edges. Battery's MUST be secure (this is the most common issue for failing car checks so please check before you bring your car to the event). Lastly you are required to have working brake lights.

If you want to drift once it gets dark there are some additional requirements.

All vehicles must have working headlights (dipped beam please) and working rear lights. Rear lights should illuminate red and be in factory positions using factory lenses.

Additional lighting on the vehicle must be on a separate switch which can be isolated in case your asked to turn them off.

Vehicles which don't have working lights as stated above will not be allowed out once it gets dark. We might have additional lighting round the track but this is to keep all drivers safe.

Drivers must be 17 or over unless they have been authorised by Matthew Watson.

Roll cages aren't required at Buxton but they are encouraged and twinning is still permitted even if you donít have a roll cage for those wishing to do so.

Fire extinguishers are again not required but recommended.

Towing straps are recommended for everyone. Donít ask us to wait while you go back to the pits for your tow eye in the event you need to be towed off.

Standard seats and seat belts are allowed. All drivers must have a suitable helmet (motocross helmets are allowed).

All sessions on track are tailored to your ability so even if your new you can still come and enjoy the day initially going out on your own or with one other driver. We may use a separate queue during the day for larger groups of competent drivers. If your asked to join this please do so as this will help keep queuing down on the day for everyone. Buxton is always known for offering good seat time. This month should be no different.

Please remember to book your space using the paypal button near this message. Refunds in the event your unable to attend are at management discretion.

Well thats it for 2018, to everyone who has been along to the meetings, spectators, drivers, staff, we thank you all for coming along.

Keep an eye on the website for details of the 2019 Fixtures List

If you would like us to mail you a printed fixtures list, send your name and address on an email to events@buxtonraceway.com , to comply with GDPR we will not store your details, they will be transferred to an address label upon reciept which will end up going through your front door when the fixtures are sent out.


If you want "KIDS GO FREE VOUCHERS" during 2018, please apply HERE




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Admission Prices
Below are the admission prices,  please note that for other major meetings there may be a change in price, this will be advertised at the time

Race Day Programmes are free on a first come first served basis, when they are gone, they are gone!

Domestic Meeting Admission


OAP £13

9YRS TO 15YRS £6




BriSCA F1 Meeting Admission


OAP £16

9YRS TO 15YRS £7




Bank Holiday Meeting Admission


OAP £14

9YRS TO 15YRS - £6




Drifting Admission
£12 to get in

£30 to drift

£10 for a passenger

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