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2021 Fixtures

Tickets will be listed alongside the event and this is the preferred method of payment.

Saturday 19th June Drifting

Sunday 20th June Drifting


Sunday 27th June 1pm
1800 Street Bangers
Junior Micra Rods Northern Championship
Hot Fords British QR
Open Rods Gold QR
American Cup Cars
Super Bangers

download the eProgramme [from 25th June]

Face coverings are mandatory around the entire track, unless exempt by Government guidance for Age, Health or Disability. Please ensure this is worn when you leave your vehicle.
Please maintain Social Distancing at all times around the Arena.

Wash and sanitise hands regularly. Hand sanitising stations are provided, please use them.

Customers are advised to check the Government website for the latest restrictions applicable
to them before bookings tickets.


Online Ticket Sales Below - Please note your receipt/transaction id is your ticket, we do not post tickets out.
27th June - Choose from

Trackside parking is on a first
come first served basis and
cannot be pre-paid.
Open Rods
6 Pete Hughes
16 Callum Hazlehurst
22 David Gallagher
25 Aaron Cresswell
28 Ash Newey
40 Lynden Hazlehurst
43 Stuart Bromley
66 Scott Hollinshead
71 Oliver Crowley
72 David Jenkins
96 Ash Jenkins
99 Danny Davies
100 Ayrton Mitchell
114 Danny Mather
118 Callum Corbett
148 Paul Bentley
199 Craig Davies
424 Logan Harvey
902 Ashley Booth
991 Jonty Leech
Hot Fords
1 Richard Handy
9 Matt Winterburn
11 Mason Turner
12 Alister Maguire
14 Luke Pepper
19 Luke Cowley
23 Dave Eyre
48 Gary Ball
67 Marc Walker
69 Jack Shepherd
76 Richard Pearce
79 Keith Wilson
87 Aaron Eyre
105 Jake Anderson
106 John Plater
270 Kieran Collis
420 Arron White
548 Jordan North
690 Tom Parnham
711 Owen Eyre
926 Gary Flynn
Street Bangers
2 Luke Watkinson
5 Brian Williams
7 Jamie Ibbs
16 Paul Knapper
17 Ronan Drury
19 Joe Frankland
65 Simon Quinlan
69 Gavin Carlton
99 James Sellors
117 Jake Crowley
133 Nathan Bramley
165 Shaun Quinlan
181 James Wilson
194 Andy Whittaker
199 Chris Darwin
216 Sophie Taylor
351 Mark Schofield
380 Paul Argyle
450 Mike Byram
707 Jordan Hall

Super Bangers
3 Dave Cope
8 Dave Dearden
21 Nigel Heath
32 Tyler Cope
42 Greg Brunt
60 Pete Hughes
220 Grant Heath
276 Dave Billing
392 Gary Lock

American Cup Cars
2 Shuggy Brown
3 Paul Sweeney
4 Dave Watkiss
5 Jack Hodges
8 Andy Phillips
11 Juli Stanford
12 Dickie Walker
13 Scott Pratt
18 Rob Smith
19 Ben Lymn
22 Steve Stanford
24 Adam Slater
25 Paul Allen
29 Dave Walker
33 David Church
38 Ryan Allgood
44 Chris Watkiss
51 Steven Holgate
66 Chris Girdler
69 Harry Tiller
77 Allen Hall
78 Chris Gilfoy
99 Paul Hinckley
Junior American Cup Cars
17 Layton Malton
18 Sid Smith
19 Tom Badger
24 Andrew Slater
31 Alfie Gendall
66 Jacob Girdler
95 Oscar Dustan
99 Alf Smith

Junior Micra Rods
8 James Owen
20 Cairon Barton
26 Harley Blewitt
106 Charlie Plater
140 Matt Robinson
271 Jack Helliwell
393 Faith Fullwood
437 Lewis Kellett
497 Olivia Bell
533 Alfie Joynson
678 Millie Field
807 Lulu Crowden-Murfin


Saturday 3rd July 5pm
BriSCA V8s

BriSCA F2 Drivers can
Book in Here

Online ticket sales for these two events will be here from 27th June  
Sunday 4th July 12 Noon
BriSCA F2 British Championship
National MiniStox

BriSCA F2 Drivers can
Book in Here

Buxton Raceway features a superb weekend of top quality stockcar-racing action on the 3rd and 4th July.
The driver lists for the formulae racing are top drawer, on the saturday night the mighty BriSCA F1s and the super quick BriSCA F2s are racing for World Qualifier points, along with the superb BriSCA V8s.
Moving on to the Sunday event, its the BriSCA F2 British Championship, defending champion 542 Steve Gilbert will be racing, and a host of all the top names in the sport looking for that title.
Bookings for the BriSCA F2s are already in superb numbers with a couple of weeks to go yet.
The National Ministox also feature, also likely to be in very good numbers.

Check back here soon for details of advanced ticket sales.


Sunday 18th July 1pm
BBA King of the Peak Unlimited Bangers
1300 Saloon Stock Cars Peaks Championship
Junior Micra Rods (B&S)
Hot Fords British Championship
Open Rods Peaks Championship
National MiniStox

Saturday 24th July Drifting plus StoxKarts

Sunday 25th July Drifting plus StoxKarts

Sunday 1st August 1pm
1600 Bangers Peaks Championship
Junior Micra Rods Peaks Championship
Hot Fords Gold QR1
Super Bangers

Sunday 15th August 1pm
National MiniStox
UK Modifieds
Unlimited Bangers
1300 Saloon Stock Cars
Junior Micra Rods (B&S) Stars of Future QR
Open Rods Gold QR

Saturday 28th August - Drifting

Sunday 29th August - Drifting

Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 1pm
1800 Street Bangers
Big Van Bangers
1300 Saloon World Final sponsored by MJS Recovery
Open Rods Gold Championship
Super Bangers British QR
Hot Fords Gold QR2

Sunday 12th September 1pm
1600 Bangers Double Points Meeting Peggy Marson Memorial
Junior Micra Rods Stars of the Future Final
Grand Prix Midgets
Super Bangers Silverdale Shield
Hot Fords Gold Roof Championship Final

Sunday 26th September 1pm
National MiniStox
1800 Street Bangers British Championship
1300 Saloon Stock Cars European Championship

Saturday 2nd October 5pm
BriSCA V8s
Open Rods

Sunday 3rd October 12 Noon
National MiniStox
Hot Fords

Sunday 10th October 12 Noon
BriSCA F2 White and Yellows Championship
1800 Street Bangers George Mycock Memorial
1300 Saloon Stock Cars Whites and Yellows Championship
Junior Micra Rods (B&S)
American Cup Cars
Super Bangers National Championship
Open Rods British QR

Friday 15th October British Drift Championship please see for more info

Saturday 16th October British Drift Championship please see for more info

Saturday 23rd October 5pm
Open Rods British QR
Hot Fords
Super Bangers Rob Jenkins Memorial

Sunday 24th October 12 Noon
Bangers Gold Roof Championship
National MiniStox
Open Rods British Championship Final
Hot Fords
Junior Micra Rods Gold Roof Championship Final

Saturday 6th November Drifting

Sunday 7th November 3pm
1600 Bangers Teams
Open Rods White and Yellows Championship Final
Hot Fords
Super Bangers George Mycock Memorial












Admission Prices
Below are the admission prices,  please note that for other major meetings there may be a change in price, this will be advertised at the time in relation to the event.

Race Day Programmes will be downloadable in PDF format unless we decide to do a print version.

Domestic Meeting Admission

Adults - 18
OAPs - 16
Children 9 to 15yrs - 6
Trackside Parking 6

Bank Holiday Meeting Admission

Adults - 19
OAPs - 18
Children 9 to 15yrs - 6
Trackside Parking 8

Drifting Admission
Gate Admission - 6 Adults
Drifting Advance 65 On The Day 75
Passenger - 20 (all passengers)

Drivers Book in Here


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