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2023 Prices
Pre book - £65pp
• On the day - £75pp
• Gate Entry - £12pp
• Passenger - £20pp

Payment Details via bank transfer
• Buxton Raceway Limited
• Sort code - 16-15-28
• Account - 10835510

more info and book in at
As you all know Buxton Raceway drifting is the only place in the country that has FREE YES FREE tyre changes included in the price of the drifting which is worth its weight in gold on it's own!
Also free camping is available to make a weekend of it and the bar will be open till late!


Drifting Dates 2023

Sunday 9th April

Saturday 13th May

Saturday 8th July

Sunday 9th July

Saturday 26th August

Sunday 27th August

Saturday 23rd September

Saturday 21st October

Saturday 17th November

Times will be added when the final fixture list is completed












Gates for all drift days will open at 9am


The catering unit is open at each meeting for hot food and drinks, there is a covered stand to keep the rain off as well as a Trackside Parking facility where you can view the drifting from the comfort of your car.


To book in for drifting please visit the facebook page:



   Buxton Raceway Drifting Information and Rules [subject to change on the day]

This document is to provide drivers with information on the formatting of the weekends and some rules that will be outlined in the drivers briefing. The weekend plan, pricing and rules are applied to everyone and are intended to ensure that all have a great time. You can download a PDF HERE
All of our staff are involved for the same reason, they love drifting!

Car Safety
1. No loose items in car (tools, coke cans etc.).
2. Harnesses or seatbelts to be worn at all times, if standard seats are used harnesses are not to be used.
3. Helmets must be worn and correctly fastened at all times, open face helmets are allowed.
4. Make sure all panels and bumpers are securely fastened and the vehicle has no sharp edges.
5. The drivers and passenger window must be closed within a hands width, unless no passenger is present in which case the passenger window may be open. Rear windows can be open.
6. If possible tow eyes should be fitted front and rear to aid with towing should it be required.
7. A suitable exhaust should be fitted, cars should not turn up with no exhaust fitted.

Track Safety and Layout
1. The track will be run clockwise until a lunch break. After lunch the track will be switched to anti-clockwise. OR VISA VERSA
2. Marshalls will be stood at the top and bottom corners of the track. Look out for marshals at all times as they will be running a flag system as follows:
i. Yellow Flag: Accident or incident ahead. Stop drifting or drift past the hazard if you feel it is safe to do so, but be cautious.
ii. Red Flag: Stop drifting and proceed to the pit gate at a walking pace as there is a more serious accident or person on track.
iii. Chequered or Union Jack Flag: End of drift session, head to gate and rejoin the queue to come back on track.
3. If you are involved in a crash or break down: Do NOT get out of the car onto the track until given the all clear by a marshal, unless the car is on fire. Then get out the care quickly! But watch for other vehicles on track.
4. 3 laps at a time and 3 vehicles at a time. If you want to go out by yourself just let the gateman know.
5. If you spin on track the rules of the road apply; check your surroundings before pulling off again.

6. Marshalls have the final say on all issues. If you have to be warned about the same thing more than once you WILL be sin binned for 30 minutes.
7. We will be running a drift train system. Any drivers we feel are safe and consistent will be issued with a train sticker. This will allow you to go out in larger groups. If you then start to spin or drift dangerously your train sticker may be removed.
8. A wristband will be issued after signing on and a second issued after drivers briefing. Both these must be worn at all times and shown to the gate man if requested.

Interest dependant a competition will be held at 5.30pm Saturday 19th Sept. Someone will walk through the pits beforehand collecting names. Those taking part will be briefed on the track layout and what the judges are looking for. It will be a twinning competition with clipping points from the start.
The pairing will be selected at random and the judges will decide which car of the pair wins and will progress to the next stage. This will end in a final with one winning driver.
The winner will receive much glory and a FREE drift weekend at the next Buxton Raceway Drifting event.

Tyre Changing
Tyre rules

1. Stack your wheels with the tyres you want changing on top of them. Put them neatly in the queue.
2. Maximum of 2 rims in the queue at any one time.
3. Tyres that have barely any life in them or chords showing will not be fitted as it wastes time and is a danger to you and other track users. Fit as good a tyre as you can and get longer between changes!!
4. Road tyres will not be fitted as we are not insured to do so. If you need a set to get home bring spare rims and keep a good set.
5. If you have tyres with excessive stretch you may have to seat them yourself we are only human and providing a basic fitting service do not complain if we don’t spend half an hour trying to get your tyres on we will try our best but other people need tyres fitting too!
6. Tyres will only be fitted for use at the track. No having tyres fitted to take home with you if you go home early take your rims out of the queue. This will allow others who are still using the track to have their tyres changed.
7. Scrap tyres- Take them back to where you are parked. If you want us to take your scrap bring them at the end of the day back to the tyre van and we will take payment and take your tyres off you. Do not leave them by the van during the day. If you leave your scrap tyres by the van they will be given back to you and we will not fit any more for you that day. Anyone found leaving scrap tyres at the track will be banned. Charge for disposal is £2.50 per carcass.
8. If you don’t want to queue bring more rims with you!!
The tyre van is meant to provide a basic top up service not a personal tyre fitting service for everybody. The extra cost covers the van being there to provide air and a basic service to help you get those extra few runs in. Bring as many rims with tyres fitted to them with you as you can. This will reduce queuing time and mean you don’t lose track time waiting for tyres. We do not want to limit changes but may have to in the future if people do not use the service sensibly.

9. Sunday 2.00pm-3.00pm priority will be given to those who are entering the competition to allow them to have ample tyres to compete with.
OPENING TIMES: Saturday 10am-1.30pm 2.00- 5pm Sunday 10am-1.30pm 2.00-4.00 pm
Air line will be left out to allow for the late runs but no tyres will be getting fitted after closing time! Any rims left in the queue after closing time will be fitted at the discretion of the fitter or given back to you.

Remember to respect the tyre staff and lend a hand if you can the service is there for all to use and goes as fast as it can. Giving abuse to the fitter will usually mean your wheels get rolled down the car park! You are not paying them enough to take abuse!
You use this service at your own risk. By using this service you are agreeing that any loss or damage to you or your property directly or indirectly related to the use of this service is not the tyre fitters or the tracks responsibility and no liability shall be accepted.

Times and Prices
• 0800 Gates open
• 0900 Drivers briefing
• 0930 Track opens
• 1300 – 1400 Lunch break
• 14.45 Track closes ready for competition (Sunday Only)
• 1500 Competition (Sunday Only)
• After the competition is complete the track will reopen for practice
• Drifting ends after 4pm weather and light dependant. Usually 6pm in summer.

General Notes
The track is for drifting, the car park is not. Anyone caught skidding in the car park will be sent home. Also please refrain from drifting while leaving the venue.
There will be a lot of novice and unconfident drivers. Please speak to them and check it's OK before getting on their door and bullying them.
Try and respect other people's cars, just because you're in a banger doesn't mean theirs is.
But most importantly HAVE FUN! The track is great for all levels of drivers, its small enough to learn on, but can be very technical and challenging for even the most experienced drivers.

If you have any questions about these rules or the way in which the event will be ran, please contact us at the facebook group above.