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5th November Review
It was the 5th of November and we had a meeting to remember, decent weather, great racing and FANTASTIC FIREWORKS.

A demonstration of Drift cars, with a couple of drivers all the way from London. All afternoon they entertained us with terrific car control, tyre smoking drifts with the 3 cars always very closely grouped.

The Hot Fords hit the track battling for the British Championship, after a great race Crewe racer 548 Dave Carter retained the Championship heading home 120 Val Brook and 77 Lee Etches. 48 Gary Ball helped by Buzz Lightyear won every other race. 77 Lee has got to be happy with 3 second places and a good haul of points.

In the Open Rods it was the first staging of the Whites and Yellows championship to begin with, a race keenly contested and won by 187 Russell Earith in his Honda, from 208 Dan Coates and 813 Dan Ranson. In Heat One 177 John Holdcroft led from the green to the chequer Chased home by 212 Martyn Box making a rare appearance. In Heat 2 Congletons 208 Dan Coates won by almost half a lap and John 177 was a distant second place. In the Final 212 Martyn showed he had lost none of his enthusiasm taking the win and in a borrowed car with 208 Dan Coates and 14 Luke Pepper chasing him home.

The Micro Bangers were great fun, plenty of action, fence testing, spins galore, it was nice to see some good banger action at Buxton Raceway. In the heats Stockports 25 Joe Parsons was unstoppable, Leeks 521 Billy Kidd and Nantwich 797 George Plant all 3 Buxton regulars occupied the top spots in the heats, with George coming out on top in the Final. 825 Joe Murrell and 124 Phil Manning were next over the line.

Caravans were next up, 5 racers with once cared for homes on wheels in tow and these racers only cared about destroying said caravans as quick as possible. 420 Ryan Shaw was declared the winner after a lot of destruction.

Then a large bonfire was lit, there was about 100 tonnes of wood! it was so large that it may have been seen from space! and Fantastic Firework display followed to bring to an end an afternoon of superb entertainment. Buxton Promised and Buxton delivered. Plans are already being made to better this event in 2018.

Well, all thats left to say is many thanks to all spectators, racers, mechanics and of course the Raceway staff for a great season of racing, we look forward to seeing you all in 2018, check the website soon for updates such as the 2018 Fixtures list, and Driver Licencing. There will also be a new look website for 2018 which may be live when the fixtures are released.


50/50 Draw 5th November
Prize unclaimed, Ticket Blue 979


29th October Review
With 24 races scheduled and a bonus of sunshine we were all set for a cracker of a meeting here at Buxton and it didn't disappoint.

First on track was the Jascars and 26 James Wallace took the first 2 heats and was runner up to 64 Carl Rogers in the third race, where as Carl had 2 runners up spots in the first 2 heats. Young Rogers in the 95 car Lightning Mcqueen logos and all had a very hard visit to the fence which shuck him up but he came back to race again with lots of tape holding his body panels in place.

In the Junior Stoxcarts 24 Harley Thackra who must love the Buxton oval and he recorded two wins and runner up spot in the final, which was won by 90 Joe Sheldon.

The Fast Fords, a few GT Rods came along and some other Rods, the combined races were very entertaining, starting the Fords on the home straight and the GTs on the back straight which worked perfectly. the wins went to 241 Mondeo racer John Faggetter who won a heat and the final, the other heat going to 67 Marc Walker and in the GT rods 520 Kev Brocklesby was un defeated in all 3 races. 152 Jim Probert had a great afternoon with 3 second places.

The senior Stoxkarts and the driver of the day had to be Young Nathan Topliffe in his first ever race in the seniors, a second place in his first race then a seventh place in heat 2 and a fourth in the final. Heat wins went to 67 Andy Passey, 8 Matthew Lloyd and the final to 471 Alistair Houghton.

The Mascars, which are 1250cc Yamaha engine scaled down Nascar racers were rapid around the raceway racing 20 lap heats and 25 laps in the final. 22 Steve Stanford took a heat and the final, with 41 Ali Topley taking the other heat and having Engine problems in the final when well placed.

On to the Modstox and it was the Parker family who dominated, 237 Darren took the heats and Sam 27 won the final with 237 in second spot. 53 Dave Billington rolled it in the final resulting in extensive damage to his racer but he emerged okay.

Street Bangers saw the Crowleys 71 Oli and 117 Jake cleaning up in all the races including the DD. Loads of contact in the heats with new drivers on track it was action all around the raceway.

The 1300 Stock cars were down on numbers but the racing was very close in every race, 251 Lewis Hall had a trio of wins.

The meeting was a belter, new drivers, youngsters racing for the first time with the seniors, (08 Toni Rogers in the Mascars) roll overs I lost count, the successful GT Rods/ Ford races, a varied mix of racers and it could not have gone better.


50/50 Update
On the 29th October the prize was again unclaimed, winning ticket was Blue 453


50/50 Update
On the 22nd October the prize was unclaimed, winning Ticket was Blue 630.


22nd October Review
Before racing started, during practice it looked like outboard motors would be needed! puddles all around the raceway. But true to form the racers provided first class entertainment. First up it was the Ministox, 171 Tom Dunne went very well from his white grade start but the winner was 291 Declan Cavanagh. In heat 2 New gold roof champion 1 Jack Witts headed Declan over the line to take the win. Onto heat 3 and it was Jack again and again in the final chased home by 392 Lewis Evans in the heat and 79Sargent in the final after a last bend shake up, true stock car racing. In the allcomers Jenson Brickley 246 crossed the line first with Declan and Jack 2nd and 3rd.

The junior rods first race was the gold roof championship race and Stockports 17 Will Cooley took top honours from 06 Chloe Fearnley. Onto heat one and Will won again and again and again, 4 races 4 wins.

The fast fords saw the wins shared out, Timperley old timer 295 Graham Heywood taking the first heat, after a collision with 15 Porsche Garner and 126 Mark Baker. Mark followed up his runner up spot in the first race with a third in race 2 and runner up in the final with 321 Tony Tattersall taking the second heat and final.

In the Open rods Gold roof championship race 89 Dave Swingewood led from start to finish chased home by 43 Stuart Bromley and 80 Pete Hughes snr [although the result is subject to a board of control enquiry at the time of writing]. In heat one Congletons 208 Dan Coates scored an impressive win and followed it up with a win in the final.

The Super Bangers and Unlimited bangers were combined with the wins going to the same drivers in each category namely 111 Dave Billing in the Supers and Andy 178 Walsh in the unlimited. Plenty of action throughout each race.

Grand Prix Midgets were up next, here on their second visit of the season and they very quick around the raceway even in the wet conditions. Different chassis used across the formula all 1400cc powered. 10 Dave Bonser took a heat and the Northern and Midland championship final with 59 Steve Young winning the other heat.31 Jon Pooley and 15 Mark DeLand were there or thereabouts in all the races.

So ended a very wet meeting and the sun came out briefly towards the end of the meeting even a rainbow, so we had it all in one day.


1st October Review
On a day when rain wasn,t far away, the Buxton oval saw plenty of action from the first green flag.

The Micro F2s were first to do battle and 155 Grindey took the honours from 64 Critchley. In heat 2 this time 51 Maynard crossed the finish line first, again 64 was runner up. heat 3 saw Critchley finally get his hands on the chequered flag, ahead of 155. Heat 4 and it was Maynard again in top spot. Almost 36 racers in this ever expanding formula.

Junior Stoxkarts and 24 Thackra took heat and final with 90 Joe Sheldon winning the other heat. 513 Jack Charlesworth gained some podium placings in both his heats.

The Senior stoxkarts had 471 Houghton in top form in heat 1, Heat 2 and the final on a very wet track saw 22 Ryan Jones who clearly loves the wet as he left the rest way behind winning both races with ease.

In the Junior Micra Rods the wins were shared between 6 Chloe Fearnley from Manchester who was the Heat 1 winner and 19 Ben Germany from Chesterfield who won Heat 2 and then the Final.

The Brisca F2s had the white and yellow championship race and this went to 299 Steve Smith and well deserved it was too. In the heats and final 154 Michael Green cleaned up and increased his lead in the points race. The Grand National had Leek racer 59 Lee Dimmick in the lead when it mattered. 117 Tom Bailey had his best meeting at Buxton this season amassing a bag full of points, achieving 2nd in the Final.

The Hot Fords had Cheadle Hulme's 306 Craig Bennett take the first heat ahead of 121 Nigel Boothroyd. In heat 2, 14 Big Pep crossed the line ahead of 548 Dave Carter, who went on to win the final from 77 Lee Etches and Nigel 121.

It was action all the way today, roll overs for Alfie no7 in the Micras 89 Lewis Hughes in the Micro F2s and 121 Nigel in the Hot Fords second heat. Overall the entertainment was brilliant and full credit to the track staff for their sterling work in the worsening conditions.

5050 Winner 1st October
On the 1st October the 5050 Winner was Lisa Norton from Newark with Ticket Pink 394 and she won £69.50.

24th September Review
Gold roof time at Buxton for firstly the Rebels and what a race it was, Tamworth's 120 Luke Loveland took the win from Pete Boldom from Cambridgeshire with Tom Dayman in third. In heat two no 7 Macclesfield racer Karl Whalley headed the pack home from A J Davis and Mr Beldom, and it was Pete who went on to win the Final with 202 and 120, Tom and Luke following him across the line.

Onto the Ministox and their Gold race, a superb run to the flag by 180 Jack Witts who was chased home by 392 Lewis Evans and in third place no 8 Catherine Harris and it was a cracker of a race. In heat 2 young Witts came out on top again this time displaying race number 1, runner up was 381 Tyrone Evans. In heat 3 Catherine was on top of the rostrum with 290 and 246 in the lesser places. In the Final 392 Lewis Evans was first passed the post ahead of 246 Jenson Brickley and in third Catherine Harris.

The V8 Hotstox started their share of the events with their Gold top race and no1 Adam Joyce was never in danger and lead from start to finish to retain his title, with the Spencer boys in 2nd and 3rd. In Heat 2 European Champion 409 Luke Maw got a move on to take the win from 160 Nick Blach and 517 Ben Kearton. onto Heat 3 and 298 Tom Spencer got his hands on the chequered flag ahead of 288 Jon Brown and 324 Shaun Bowman. In the Bob Radforth Memorial Final Tom 298 Luke and Olly 498 crossed the line in that order.

The Open Rods were the other formula to race, with 20 plus racers on track it ensured excellent non contact racing, with 85 Ben White taking a Heat and the Final. 43 Stuart Bromley took other Heat from 304 Scott Thompson and 14 Ian Whittaker.

It was action all the way all day in all of the days races. Rollovers for no 9 and 77 in the rods and 797 in a hire car in the rebels, staying with the Rebels Steve Featherstone had a very hard trip to the fence, he emerged okay but I cant say the same for his racer though.

5050 Winner 24th September
On the triple gold top day 24th September Ministox driver 145 Jamie Gwin from Worcester won £202 with Ticket Orange 645.

5050 Winner 3rd September
Our Lapscorer Sue Twitty was lucky this week, Sue won £118 with Ticket Green 400.

50/50 Winner 28th August
A big crowd meant there was a good prize fund of £282 and it was won by Mike Cubley from Newcastle under Lyme with Ticket Orange 654.

50/50 Winner 27th August
On the 27th of August young George and his Grandad both from Dukinfield won £60.50 with Ticket Orange 211.

50/50 Winner 20th August
The winner for the 50/50 raffle on 20th August was Vanessa Breeze from Lincolnshire with Ticket Green 370, she won £37.50.

50/50 Winner 30th July
The winner for the 50/50 Raffle on 30th July was our office administrator and timing operator Nik Eastwood from Cheshire, with ticket Green 309, he won £70.

50/50 Winner 23rd July
The winner for the 50/50 Raffle on 23rd July was Les Warby from Chesterfield who won £106 with ticket Orange 197.

50/50 Winner 2nd July
The 50/50 winner on 2nd July was Lee Henderson from Chesterfield who won £106 with number Yellow 468.

50/50 Winner 1st July
The 50/50 winner on 1st July was one of our burger van staff Tasha Bourne from Leek who won £79 with number Orange 1.


Newsletter / Update August 2017

It’s been a while since we did a newsletter so it’s about time, here it is!

Facebook/Social Media.
You are responsible for comments you make on social media about the promotion, and other drivers and staff, if you want to be critical or have a moan please phone the office, that way action could be taken to resolve the situation, you could even send us an email to  .

Sponsor a meeting, a formula, or a race.
You or your Company can sponsor any of the race meetings at Buxton Raceway.

As a meeting sponsor you will get a banner logo [including a link to your website if you have one] on the website for one week leading up the event [you must supply the artwork/logo], an advert in the programme, and "Sponsored by..." on the meeting Finals trophies - you or a representative can award the trophies on the day [usually the Finals].

Other options are available such as just sponsoring your chosen formula, or just sponsoring one race.

Please contact  to make an enquiry making sure to leave a telephone number so we can call you back to discuss your requirements and prices.

Booking In To Race - all formulas.
Very important that you book in to race at least 4 days in advance of a meeting, if we do not get enough bookings then we will probably have to cancel a formula - last resort, but we need cars on track entertaining the public, so if you intend to race then PLEASE book in even if its a provisional booking, something that works very well is the system of taking bookings via the Facebook Group, as many drivers are on it, and you can leave a booking there, of course you can phone us or email us, or if you are old school or maybe just old you can even send us a letter! :) either way there is no excuse for not booking in.

Interior Padding - all formulas.
This is relevant to all formulas that race with us at Buxton Raceway, can drivers please make sure that all areas and especially sharp parts of the inside of the car that can come into contact with you has some padding on it, so anywhere in the region of elbows or knees for example, have a look and see if you can improve, Buxton Raceway has a brilliant safety record but we find that many small injuries are caused by arms and legs banging about in the car.

Noise – all formulas.
Another item relevant to all formulas is the noise from cars, can you please have a check of your cars and make sure the noise from the exhaust isn’t too loud, we all need to be pro-active in this and it does state in all the formulas rules that cars must have an effective silencer, it is a concern of the track neighbours who can hear it for a few miles around.

None Return Valves – all formulas.
A none return valve must be fitted to the breather pipe of the fuel tank, to allow air in but not to allow fuel out, this is if the car gets overturned, its a mandatory requirement in all ORCi formulas now, valves will be checked, any that are found to be tampered with the driver will face disciplinary action, we would recommend to all drivers they have a spare valve just in case.

Numbers – all formulas.
Please make sure your roof fin and door numbers are clear and to the rule book, this applies to all of our formulas here at the Raceway, our lapscorer’s will not score you if they cannot be read.

Exiting the car under waved yellows.
If you have to pull onto the middle during waved yellows/caution during a race you MUST remain in the car belted and with your helmet on, if you choose to exit the car you must go off track as directed by a Marshal, drivers are no longer allowed to stand waiting on the infield area for the race to end, this rule has been in place for about a year now but there are some drivers who are not aware.

Open Rods / Hot Fords / Fast Fords Ladies Race.
Monday 28th August sees the Open Rod Ladies Race, raising funds for FORDS-Care, but we have been asked if Hot Fords and Fast Fords ladies can join in and the answer is yes you can.

I realise that Hot and Fast Fords are not racing on that day but there is now the opportunity to join in if you so wish This race is open to ladies with no or very little race experience, as determined by the Promotion.

Some experienced ladies have in the past shown an interest in also racing and raising funds for FORDS-Care and they will not be forgotten.

The way the race will be staged really depends on the number of entries- there may be two races within one or two separate races, but cannot be determined until nearer the time when a list of entries is known.

Sponsorship Forms are now available from me, Dave Pierce— amount of sponsorship is £50 per driver, although in the past most ladies have exceeded this amount. Once again we are indebted to Promoter Matthew Watson, for sponsoring the cost of day licences, and to Dave and Mandy Trevor for sponsoring the trophies to include a commemorative award for all ladies. Contact can also be via FaceBook—Dave Pierce.

I am on the lookout for sponsors to support this great cause, who can get in touch as above.

Dave Pierce



Hot Fords.
This year has seen a slight rise in drivers in the formula which is good to see, the racing has been very good overall and it really does make a difference having extra cars on track.

We are going to be checking cars a little closer for the rest of the 2017 season, so please make sure they are built to the rules.

Fast Fords.
We are concerned that Fast Fords have been mainly just Hot Fords which come along just to have a good days racing. What do we do in 2018? Shall we provide more Hot Ford dates but allow the bigger engined cars and make it one formula with a few more cars in? It is clear to see that they are all about the same speed, please contact us and have your opinion.

We will be having a driver meeting over the next few weeks to discuss the formula, further details will be sent to drivers soon.

Open Rods.
The start of the season was impressive with many drivers taking up licences some of which were new, opening meetings had enough bookings to run to three split heats, but more recently we are back down to two heats, some drivers have sold up and either given up racing, or have moved to other formulas, we are sad to see them go.

The racing while very good, has far too much contact, “Rubbing is racing” is always acceptable to a certain degree but sometimes its more than that, this can put off potential drivers, our Steward has a white board in race control now and your name will be written on it if you have reason to be called to the box for contact, a quick look at the board when you are called next time might mean you will be loaded up and subject to disciplinary action, this isn’t a road we want to go down as we want drivers on track racing and not at home sulking due to a ban. 

Drivers will now be receiving the correct points thanks to Dave Tams, I was struggling with this despite my best efforts, drivers are now graded more fairly using average points scored, it must be going well as I dont recall any complaints since Dave took over.

A Whites and Yellows Series was also introduced and these points will be awarded to any white or yellow graded driver while they race at those grades, even if they are downgraded, the final points list will mean the drivers will race in a Whites and Yellows Championship race, date to be announced but most likely it will be the end of the season 5th November. If you would like to sponsor this championship race please get in touch.

Junior Micra Rods.
The formula is doing well now and the racing has been very good from all drivers and we have had a few new ones too, one thing that needs to be looked at are the Rolling Starts, this will be mentioned to drivers at the next meeting.

We may go back to a grading list now that we have a good amount of drivers, let us know what you think.

Please note that as per the Junior Micra Rod Rules issued in January of this year, Heat and Allcomers races score 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 across ten places, and Finals AND Championships score 20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2 across ten places.

1300 Stockcars.

Gold Roof Championship
A huge well done to 288 Gavin Charlesworth on winning the Gold Roof Championship at Skegness on 23rd July, it really is a huge achievement for a Buxton driver to win a big championship in the 1300 Stockcar heartland of Skeggy, we are sure that Gav will wear the Gold roof with pride in his time as champion.

Remember that transponders are mandatory in the formula now, drivers can see their lap times on MyLaps after each event, you can even see what points you have scored on the day as the system will tot them up too.

1300 Whites & Yellows Championship
Once again we will be running the now annual Whites and Yellows Championship, drivers in those grades will have their points totted up which will then make up the grid for the championship on 29th October, you can be a sponsor of this event see details earlier on.

Yokohama Tyres
Due to ae01 tyres being discontinued, you are allowed to use the es32 in it’s place.

Registered Drivers
Everyone will have noticed that there has been a decrease of drivers over the last couple of seasons, we are not sure why this is, we simply cannot rely on the ever present Skegness drivers to make up the numbers, there are less Buxton cars now than there was when Dave Pierce introduced the formula and its really sad to see, but what can be done to get drivers racing 1300 Stockcars again? Contact us in the office if you want to have a chat about that subject.

1300 Hire Car
We have got our 1300 Hire car back up and running, it just needs to be painted and tidied up, if anyone is interested in having a go please contact Matt Watson. 

All Banger classes.
We need help to revive the banger scene here at Buxton Raceway, somebody who knows their bangers of all types, and who also knows the drivers, we need fresh ideas and practical, sensible and realistic advice on how to get the drivers back racing here, contact us in the office if you think you can help.

Super Bangers.
The formula is just ticking over with just about enough cars to make it interesting, we are aware of cars parked up not being raced, they are no good parked up gathering dust, if you have one why aren’t you racing it? Perhaps you might consider selling it to get another driver out on track.

If you have one to sell, contact Nik in the office with the details and we will put it in the meeting programme where it will be seen by a potential buyer.

Recently, a brand new Super has been raced, 111 Dave Billing has spent a couple of years building his shortened Sierra Sapphire with a 305ci Chevy V8 for reliable power, an amazing amount of work has gone into it and he has seen that Supers are worth investing in, we hope that other potential drivers will too.

National Bangers.
See “All Bangers” above.

The BBA English on 25th June was well attended but where were the Buxton drivers? We have 13 of our own registered National Bangers but they don’t race with us.... come on lads support your home promotion.

Much the same story with the Unlimited Banger King Of The Peak, most of the drivers who attended were not regulars, as with the BBA they did put on a good show which we really appreciate.

The Van Banger meeting was quite good, we have them again on 1st October.

Micro Bangers appear on 5th November.

Street Bangers.
Early season meetings produced a good amount of cars with many of our own drivers and visitors coming to race, we added in an extra meeting which wasn’t well attended but it was put on at short notice so we can allow for that, the drivers have appreciated the quick and basic car builds, and lighter contact – well most did, drivers do need to remember that the contact is light and it will be the odd daft hit that might put off potential new drivers, please reign it in, this is a fun formula aimed at a bit of entertainment for the public, the winner gets a trophy and nothing else! However all drivers who are booked in to race will receive £10 start money.

The 23rd July meeting was also very low on numbers.

Unlimited Street Bangers [Back2Basics]
This season we also have Unlimited Bangers "Back to Basics", the early season meeting was well supported and cars were great in variation, a couple of them being built on the morning of the racing which is superb! The action was very good too, sadly the event on 30th July wasn’t well attended for reasons unknown, the next B2B is on 28th August we may consider running more B2B in 2018 if there is enough interest to warrant it, we will make a decision after the event on 28th August is run so we would appreciate it if you can get a car out for that meeting.

2017 Awards Night.
The date for this event was listed as 25th November in the fixture list, this has now changed as we have now booked a venue, as below:

2017 Presentation Evening
Saturday 18th November 7.30pm

Buxton Pavilion Gardens

Drivers & Staff Free

Additional Guests £15, Kids £5

8pm-9pm Trophy Presentation

9pm-10pm Buffet
10pm-11pm Comedian [adult comedian, may cause offence so please bear that in mind if you have children]

11pm- close Disco.

Tickets will be limited on a first come first served basis

*We are planning a raffle with prizes already donated from Teng Tools and a chance to win a fully built 2018 Junior Micra Rod, however what we are looking for are some more raffle prizes – please contact us in the office for details.

Very Important Please Note: If you have won one of the Annual Trophies during this season, we need you to return them to us by the last meeting of the season, we have had a great deal of problems of drivers not returning trophies ready for new winners, this is not acceptable – Buxton Raceway own those trophies, and you look after them, please help us to be organised by bringing them back [or sending them back with somebody else] so that we can get them engraved and updated ready for the awards night, even if you are not attending we need to have them back.


Drifting continues in 2017 see the fixtures at We offer back to basics drift events and you don’t need a top spec fire breathing Japanese car to have a go, a lot of the guys use old BMW’s and have a lot of fun with them, some drivers have learned their craft here at Buxton and gone on to drift nationally, our events are held over a weekend and there is much socialising in the bar until late, we usually have a tyre changing facilities on site too and tyres can be bought for a few pounds if you don’t bring your own.

Newsletter compiled and written by Nik Eastwood. E&OE.



New Super Banger

Its not often we get to see a brand new Super Banger, so when Leek racer 111 David Billing brought his along on 25th June everyone who saw it had a dropped jaw, its been a couple of years in the making and what a machine! its based on a Sierra Sapphire with a shortened roof line, it has a Chevy V8 engine for reliable power, Dave was glad he got it on track as he went out and won all three races on the day.

Dave is back racing it on 2nd July.

A new Super Banger on the scene will perhaps give other drivers confidence to start their own new builds.


25th June Review

Buxton Raceway provided 24 races including the BBA English Championship for the heavy hitting 2 Litre Bangers on Sunday 25th June, the Junior Micra Rods Northern Championship and the Rebels Midlands Championship. It all started with the Jascars, thats 8 -16 year olds in minature racers imported from the USA, these are truly brilliant cars with excellent engineering and are realistic to their full size Nascar counterparts, they flew around the Buxton oval. Stars of the Jascars were 62 and 26 that's Tod Garner and James Walls and in the adults Mascars top man was in fact lady racer 11 Juli Stanford who took a final win after some superb racing. 14 Dan Ashton and number 1 Karl Baker took the heats. The Baths 24 and 25 father and son had a coming together which left the cars with plenty of damage but both drivers were OK.

The Rebels saw yellow grade driver 686 Pete Beldom race off with 3 wins the Midland Drivers Champion for 2017 and in second place was the 2016 winner 202 Tom Dayman and well deserved it was too, with 30 Rob Jones and 80 Keith Murphy following him home.

The Open Rods were great entertainment as usual. Number 11 Oliver Cox from Chesterfield raced from white grade front row and had impressive victory in his heat and the final, the final of which was the Peaks Championship, the other heat went to 43 Stuart Bromley who was runner up in the Peaks.

The Super Bangers had some new names on track one being 111 Dave Billing from Leek who won all 3 races in a lovely presented racer that went as good as it looked. 14 Jason Black from Stoke, the Copes Dave and son Tyler from Leek bagged lots of points for their efforts.

The Junior Rods Northern Champ is 19 Ben Germany, with 17 Will Cooley runner up. A heavy crash took out Billy Kidd number 1 in heat 2 whilst in the lead, that ended his racing due to extensive damage.

That leaves the 2 litre Bangers, which were dominated by the trusty and strong Ford Mondeo. A very destructive BBA Championship had 542 Craig Miller taking top honours. In the all comers race 403 Marcus Sprawling crossed the finish line first. Then to finish the event we had a DD which was finally won by 403 Marcus Sprawling all the way from Kings Lynn

11th June Review

Buxton Raceway got back to business with a bang and staged extra races as the Stoxkarts were added to the programme, taking it to 23 races on the day.

Junior Stoxkarts ran their races virtually straight away with the wins going to 53 and 59, Megan and Connor winning the heats and finishing 1 and 2 in the final. Got to mention 162 James Kettlewell who rolled over in the first heat when looking like victory was his, but he came back later and registered some top placings for his efforts.

The 1300 stock cars had four different winners namely 218 Richard Smith, 83 Scott Mclay, 374 Darren Munford and 145 Pete Slater took the final.

The Brisca F2s were light on numbers and they were racing for the Sarah Temple memorial trophy and 817 Tim Bailey took the top honours, other wins went to 618 Ben Lockwood, 318 Leyton O'Reilly and 154 Michael Green.

Onto the senior Stoxkarts and heat one saw 1 Danny Nunn take the top spot and he also won again in the allcomers race. Heat 2 saw 22 Ryan Jones victorious. In the final and it was a cracker of a race, 471 Alistair Houghton was ahead of the pack when it mattered, followed home by 229 Joe Higgins and 132 James Hall-Morton.

The V8 Hot stox saw 409 Luke Maw on superb form winning both heats. In the Final it was 26 Hayley Williams first past the post to take a popular win. The allcomers race had another lady in the top spot 154 Sophie Maynard for a well deserved victory.

The Brisca F1s and 84 Tom Harris and 464 Luke Davidson were dominant throughout, not forgetting 16 Matt Newson who racked up a huge pile of points.

Some strange finishes today, in the 1300 stock cars 251 Lewis Hall when all set for a win his car stopped just before the finish line with one lap still to run. In the Hot stox 1 Adam Joyce had a stinker of an afternoon by his high standards, failing to finish in 3 of his races. I guess that's racing, or not as the case may be.


29th May Review

Opening time at Buxton Raceway was met with foggy conditions all around the area and remained grim from practice to the enforced early finish. The mist came and just never went.

A minutes silence was held in respect of the Manchester Arena tragedy.

In the trying conditions the Brisca F2s took to the track to start the proceedings and it was 154 Michael Green who dominated winning both heats and final, yeah the guy is the one to beat round Buxton thats for sure!. 581 Dan fellows and 319 Sheldon Wadsworth were there or thereabouts in each race.

Onto the Street Bangers with loads of cars on track 117 Jake Crowley ran away into the murky distance to chalk up another win. 115 Jack Spencer came a cropper after clipping the marker tyres and flipping over.

The Hot Fast Fords saw 179 Danny Minton awarded the win in Heat 1 after a crash involving the first three cars. The second heat had 121 Nigel Boothroyd at the front when it mattered to take the chequered flag.

Onto the Junior Micra Rods and 1 Billy Kidd won convincingly, 06 Chloe Fearnley had a racelong battle with 10 Lewis Thompson.

By race 10 on the programme and a couple of visits to the track by the Drift cars, in the interests of safety it was decided to bring on the caravans for their race/ dd event which the crowd had come to see. This was won by 420 Michael Jacobs who was at the end the only one still towing something!


1st May Review
After rain right through practice it dried up nicely for our May day meeting, six formulas plus the Monster trucks. The V8 Hotstox were the guest formula and as usual provided superb entertainment. 17 George Riley and 376 Matthew Young put in great performances, with good finishes in all their races. The first heat was won by superstar and current world champ 1 Adam Joyce, Heat 2 it was 376 who took top spot. In the final it was 298 Tom Spencer across the line first to take the chequered flag from 324 Shaun Bowman and 154 Sophie Maynard. The Grand National and Shaun finally got his hands on the chequered a well deserved victory.

The Super Bangers raced firstly for the Silverdale cup and last years winner 3 Dave Cope took the honours again. In Heat 2 and the Final 14 Jason Black on a much drier track left the rest in the distance and took the Northern and Midland championship as a reward for his final win.

On to the Hot Fords and a good turnout of racers which is great to see, 179 Danny Minton ran away with the first heat,3 06 Craig Bennett claimed Heat 2. In the Final it was 548 Dave Carter who led the rest over the finish line followed by Danny and 121 Nigel Boothroyd after another great race.

The 1300 Stock cars were low on numbers after a hectic race night the night before at their Skegness heartland, but 83 Scott Mclay, 125 Jack Marson and 288 Gavin Charlesworth took the top spots, staff member 55 Andy Carr is now getting up to speed in his daughter's car.

On to the bangers firstly the Street Bangers and a good turnout of experienced and new to Buxton racers hit the track. 117 Jake Crawley in his Puma was unbeatable, taking all three races. The Randalls 31 &3 11 Jake & Kei both rolled over during the afternoon.

Now onto the vans, 290 Johnny Harrison took both heats, in the DD it was declared a dead heat between 290 Johnny and 666 Dan Lucas after they had slogged it out to the delight of the packed crowd.

The Monster trucks Big Pete and the Grim Reaper entertained us and the fans loved the action, car splitting, car crushing, caravan crushing, big V8s roaring away and big tyres who could ask for anything more, another first class afternoon of action here at Buxton Raceway.


17th April Review
In front of a packed crowd and an equally packed pits, Buxtons Easter Monday event was a cracker. Including the bus / coach racing.

There were seven formulas racing, meaning over two dozen races.

The Micro F2s were back again, with James Owen, Jake Woodhull and Alfie Jones taking the wins. Harley Spencer put in a great effort in all the races.

The Stoxkart Juniors had 33 and 34 the Woodhulls going well but 24 Harley Thackra and 59 Connor Benstead crossed the line first when it mattered taking the main trophies.

The Brisca F2s had large numbers in the pits including visitors from Scotland again. It was 647 Chris Burgoyne who went back home with the main trophy, with 154 Michael Green , 101 Kelvyn Marshall and 618 Ben Lockwood piling on the points, a special mention for 629 Euan Millar who was very quick from his yellow grade starting spot.

In the Open Rods, the main event was for the Northern and Midland championship, which was won by 89 Dave Swingewood who has won it on three other occasions. The Honda racers 39 and 180, namely Darren Bailey and Paul Lockett took the heats.

In the Stoxkarts seniors there was plenty of action as usual, Top gun Danny Nunn, Ryan Jones and Joe Higgins took the wins with Joe racing off with the main trophy, and well deserved it was too.

Next the Fords both Fast and Hot Combined Were great to watch, 295, 14 and 067 were the winners Marc 067 after 2 second places finally crossed the line ahead of the pack to take the final.

The Junior Rods had 11 racers on track, but 1 Billy Kidd scooped the lot. Got to mention 10 Lewis Thompson for his efforts, a great racer in the making.

That just leaves the big stuff, the bus and coaches, 2 heats which were won by 290 Hitman Harrison and Hilly 69, then the DD which most fans waited for and they weren't disappointed. If the Steward of the meeting hadn't called it a dead heat they would have been at it till it went dark. So that brought to an end a brilliant meeting in front of a massive crowd.



Fuel Non return valves were included as an ORCi requirement in Oval Race formulae some time ago.

In 2016 there was a high profile case involving a Non return valve not being fitted in a particular formula that was dealt with somewhat leniently at the time given some more general issues with regards their fitting and scrutineering with the anticipation that this would be an example to raise the awareness to all drivers that a fully operational/working Non return valve MUST be fitted.

In recent weeks various investigations have revealed that drivers continue to abuse the rule from taking cars to scrutineering and then removing them or fitted and tampered with.

From the 1st May 2017 drivers are now warned that contravention of this rule WILL result in an automatic mandatory ban under the technical rules/ penalties of 6 months. This applies to any driver not having a fully working non return valve fitted and/or it being tampered with in any way.

Issued ORCi 6h April 2017


19th March Review
The second meeting of the season on the 19th March here at Buxton was another action packed event. The BriSCA F2 Stox had 154 Michael Green on top form taking the heats and final on a soaking wet track. With great results for local white top 142 John Hadfield, he wont be white much longer as he eventually got his hands on the chequered flag in the Grand National race.

In the Juniors Micra Rods, 19 Ben Germany in a beautifully prepared racer took 2 wins with the final going to 17 Will Cooley. With 4 new racers in the field it is good news for the formula.

The V8 Hotstox provided plenty of action, Glossops 355 Brian Andrew took the first heat, the 26 car with Hayley Williams in it took a hefty hit and ended up rolled over by the fence. The other heat went to 17 white top George Riley, the Northern and Midland final on a very wet track was won by 498 Olly Spencer from 65 & 17, a driver to note was home in 4th place and that was Reddish racer 482 Martin Fletcher who tries so hard at many meetings and does well but seems to get caught up with things in the last couple of laps so it was good that he got a well deserved 4th place.

The Fast Fords had 3 visitors from Skeggy in Mondeos and boy were they quick, not only that but those Mondeo Rods look well suited to the Buxton track, they make a great looking Rod, taking the heats but in the final 186 John Plater took the top spot.

The 1300 Stockcars were light on numbers with a few no shows, 83 Scott Mclay and 125 Jack Marson were on top form, sadly 288 Gavin Charlesworth blew his engine in practice.

In the Unlimited Street Bangers 91 Kyle Cooley was leading both heats when his racer stopped, but in the final he got it right to get across the line first. A good mixture of Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes, Fords and Rovers ensured plenty of action throughout.

On a very wet track that got more treacherous as the afternoon went on that provided excellent entertainment until the final chequered flag of the day flew.

12th March Review
Well what a great start to the season here at Buxton on the 12th March. There were new drivers in most formulas. The National Ministox had about 6 novices. The Street Bangers had experienced racers and new including Finn Rhodes in the No 10 who arrived without a licence and thought he was here only to watch, WRONG!, his mates bought him a licence for his birthday present. He had 3 good races gaining valuable experience.

The Open Rods and Hot fords provided excellent racing with the results spread throughout the fields in each formula.

The Super Bangers although down on numbers wound their V6 & V8s to entertain us, we are told next time they feature there will be more competitors.

The stand out drivers on the day included; Ministox No1 Charlie Guinchard with Heat & Final wins including the Buxton gold cup which was sponsored by Altrincham Skip Hire. Hot fords, 295 Graham Heywood with a heat win and other top 6 finishes. In the Open rods 700 Jak Parsons took a heat and final from his yellow top starting grade. The Super Bangers saw 2 wins for young 32 Tyler Cope. Lastly the street Bangers and 290, 178 & 117 shared the wins.

The racing was great entertainment, the weather was kind to us and all the racing done in under 4hours.