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7/3/17: BriSCA / BSCDA / BMB News

BriSCA, BSCDA and BMB met on Monday 6th March.

After a lengthy several hour meeting the BMB have resolved some of the difficulties that have arisen following the disappointing recent outcome on the future of Coventry Stadium.

First and foremost in these discussions was that BriSCA and the BSCDA acknowledged the concerns of our valued fans and drivers/race teams and, of prime consideration was the protection of Formula One Stock Car Racing, ensuring it’s stability and future growth. We have to evolve a critical path moving forward in future years. All fully understand and acknowledge the uncertainties and disappointment this has created. The meeting focused on ‘where do we go’ as dwelling on how did we get to where we are, whilst we can and have learnt, does not resolve the future. The whole situation at Coventry, whilst frustrating in terms of communication, remains complex and delicate and may at some point have legal ramifications between parties involved which BriSCA and BSCDA can neither influence nor become embroiled in.

We appreciate the patience of all parties, BriSCA and the BSCDA have tried throughout the Winter to offer as much support as they could to the Coventry team to try and engineer a solution, we would certainly have been criticized similarly had we taken decisive action in December in terms of reallocating fixtures etc and then possibly Brandon became a reality in the Spring / Early summer.

All should also understand that whilst we have lost stadiums in the past including iconic ones the situation at Brandon has been somewhat ‘unique’ in its process and the difficulties.

The Coventry promotion, we are encouraged to acknowledge, remain 100% committed to finding a new and replacement venue. The timescale at this point is unknown and we believe that for the future, plans should only be revealed once there is some certainty to progression.

Against that backdrop of ‘where we are’ BriSCA and the BSCDA along with the full co-operation of the Coventry promotion, have to manage for 2017 an unprecedented situation along with planning and consultation for 2018. To this end it is impossible to satisfy every ones ‘ideal’ vision of what that may be, in part due to the complexity of 5 months work in concluding National fixture lists and Championships. It is not quite so simple as relocating Coventry’s events to other venues the first weekend of the month which may appear vacant, other formulae, championships and for example speedway are now committed.

In a co-operative spirit between all parties the BMB can announce the transfer of some of the planned Coventry fixtures, to be hosted in co-operation with venues concerned. Every effort has been made to try and remain on ‘shale’ to maintain a balance where possible and of course, availability.

The following amendments to the 2017 calendar are proposed as follows subject to final confirmation.

Sunday 4th June – Sheffield BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP
Sunday 6th August – SHEFFIELD
Saturday 2nd September – KINGS’ LYNN
Sunday 8th October – BELLE VUE
Saturday 4th November - STOKE

The Coventry promotion have been allowed some additional time over the next several days to see if any further dates may be accommodated.

To prevent a recurrence of this unusual situation in the future, mechanisms with BMB are now in place with protocols to ensure ‘deadlines’ with regards fixture planning. In this process, BriSCA and BSCDA discussed at length initiatives for restoring medium to long term confidence in the sport which will develop as the year unfolds looking forward to the 2018 season ongoing.

Plans for the 2017 BriSCA Formula One World Championship Final at Ipswich have also been confirmed as follows.

1. This is a one day event at Ipswich on Saturday 16th September at Breaking with tradition, there is no pre event Friday evening in 2017
2. Following exhaustive negation between Spedeworth and Suffolk County Council, the start time is
3. During the afternoon, final timings to be announced ‘ practice’ will take place and Overseas Time trials prior to the start.
4. This event will be a 7 race programme and, exclusively BriSCA F1 with an aim of attracting 90 BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
5. Final format for the event will be announced closer to the event.
6. Advance tickets are already on sale via the Spedeworth office/website

We are ‘truly’ in this together, however unfortunate those circumstances may be and there cannot at this juncture be ‘overnight’ solutions whilst many variables are examined and defined to resolve that important step forward.
Issued: BriSCA / BSCDA / BMB Tuesday 7th March 2017


20/1/17: Helmet Update from ORCi

There has been some updates to the Helmet Rules issued by the ORCi with immediate effect, view the document HERE


17/1/17: Hire Cars

This season we plan to get a hire car back out in the 1300 Stockcars, we are also planning to hire out two Junior Micra Rods.

If hiring is of interest to you, please contact Matt Watson in the office.


2016 season review by commentator Steve Hayward

Lots of different formulas have entertained us here at Buxton Raceway this season. Our regular domestic racers have provided plenty of thrills and spills from the Juniors through the Fords, the HOT or FAST types, Open Rods, Bombers, Bangers, Super Bangers and 1300 Stock cars. The visiting formulas of the BriSCA F1 and F2, V8 Hotstox, National Ministox all provided great battles with the high point being the BriSCA F1 Semi Final back in August. The rare visitors of the GP midgets, MASCAR, Super Rods, Modstox and Stoxkarts not forgetting the MICRO F2 with some of these youngsters starting at just 7 years old.

Who Won What

In the Fords the Fast bunch were headed by 124 David Hanson who took the points. In the Hot Fords lot the gold roof was won by 212 Martyn Box, the British title went to 1/548 Dave Carter.

Super Bangers and 199 Dave Berrisford topped the points, 3 Dave Cope retained the British title, the National champ is 54 Percy Mycock.

In the 1300 Stock Cars young 288 Gavin Charlesworth topped the points, the British and Northern went to 25 Stuart Hodson and 374 Darren Mumford respectively, the European to 145 Pete Slater all drivers from the Skegness track. The annual Whites and Yellows race went to a very lucky 555 Amy Carr.

On to the Bombers Ladies first and 04 Charlene Cornes dominated taking all the major wins, onto the mens and 19 Joe Frankland took most of the top honours, With 125 Jack Marson and 99 James Sellors running him close.

The National Bangers, the honours went to 797 George Plant and 290 Johnny Harrison sharing the main trophies.

In to the Open Rods, 400 Ross Sinclair topped the points and it was a close run championship this year not decided until the last meeting. The British and the Gold roof titles were grabbed by local racer 94 Charlie Marriott. 928 Mathew Robertson went home with the Northern and Midland trophy and the peaks title to boot, Open Rods saw a huge amount of competitors this season and some superb racing.

In Brisca F2 768 Tom Adcroft piloted his machine to the points title which was decided on the very last meeting.

OUTSTANDING RACERS include Elexie Bartrum in the MICRO F2 she is consistently quick around Buxton. 132 James Hall Morton a multiple winner in the Stoxkarts.

INCIDENTS and ACCIDENTS were a plenty, spectacular rollovers, fence testing with assistance and without, all this has meant an action packed season, roll on 2017!

On the staff side of things our starter Mike Ward had only missed one meeting all season, a fantastic effort appreciated by all the team here at Buxton.

A full list of the main winners appear below:

Points Championship – 125 Billy Kidd
Stars of the Future – 125 Billy Kidd
Peaks Championship – 700 Jak Parsons
Gold Roof Championship – 125 Billy Kidd

Points Championship – 90 Joey Holmes jr

Points Championship – 124 David Hanson

Points Championship – 76 Richard Pearce
Northern & Midland – 1 Dave Carter
One2One Challenge Cup – 76 Richard Pearce
Gold Roof – 212 Martyn Box
British Championship – 1 Dave Carter

Points Championship – 199 Dave Berrisford
Northern & Midland – 3 Dave Cope
British Championship – 3 Dave Cope
Silverdale Cup – 3 Dave Cope
National Championship – 54 Percy Mycock
Country Store Cup – 32 Tyler Cope
Rob Jenkins Memorial – 220 Grant Heath
George Mycock Memorial – 53 Antony Cope
Finals Presidents – 199 Dave Berrisford
Runner Up Burton Cup – 32 Tyler Cope

Points Championship – 288 Gavin Charlesworth
Peaks Championship – 83 Scott Mclay
British Championship – 25 Stuart Hodson
Northern Championship – 374 Darren Munford
European Championship – 145 Pete Slater
Whites and Yellows – 555 Amy Carr

Points Championship – 04 Charlene Cornes
Northern & Midland – 04 Charlene Cornes
Peaks Championship – 04 Charlene Cornes
British Championship – 04 Charlene Cornes

Points Championship – 290 Johnny Harrison
National Bangers King of the Peak – NOT RUN
Phil Manning Memorial – 290 Johnny Harrison
Micro Bangers Northern & Midland – 797 George Plant
Micro Bangers George Mycock Memorial – 797 George Plant

Points Championship – 19 Joe Frankland
Peaks Championship – 19 Joe Frankland
British Championship – 19 Joe Frankland
Neil Allsop Memorial – NOT RUN
Gold Roof – 19 Joe Frankland
Peggy Marson Memorial – 125 Jack Marson
King Of The Peak – 19 Joe Frankland
B2B King Of Peak – 99 James Sellors

Points Championship – 400 Ross Sinclair
Northern & Midland – 928 Mathew Robertson
Peaks Championship – 928 Mathew Robertson
Gold Roof – 94 Charlie Marriott
British Championship – 94 Charlie Marriott
FORDS Ladies Charity Race – 306 Katie Bunyard

Whites & Yellows – 362 Dave Harley
Track Points – 768 Tom Adcroft



Review of 8th and 9th October Meetings

Its getting towards the end of the season and that meant 12 noon starts last week end both days and the Sun shone, The Stoxkarts stars were in the juniors 24 Thackra with numerous wins. In the seniors it was 132 James Hall-Morton showing the rest how to do it. But solid performances all week end from the Nunns and 22 Ryan Jones.

The Grand Prix Midgets produced some great racing with the National Championship raced over the weekend with 59 Steve Young taking the crown. 23 Cliff Bunn took 2 wins on Saturday when their races was televised.
The Modstox raced on Saturday and were very entertaining, 45 Brandon Marlow winning 3 races.

The Jascars and Mascars, American down sized Nascars enjoyed themselves. The Juniors saw 2 wins for young lady Toni Rogers including the Final. The Mascars are 1200cc motor bike powered screamers raced both days, with wins which were spread between 14 21 41 11 and 22 that's Baker, Topley,and the Stanfords.

The 1300 stock cars raced for the Peaks championship which was won by 83 Scott Mclay. The other winners were 218 Richard Smith and 2 Matthew Hall.Having her best race day in the formula was 555 Amy Carr who took 3rd place in the "Peaks" race. The Super Rods raced for the a Memorial trophy and was keenly contested with 56 Dave Leeks taking the win.
So whether you like contact or non contact racing on a very fast tarmac track, Buxton is the place to be. More of the same please, I cant wait.

Review of the 25th September meeting

After a wet morning the racing got underway on a damp but drying track. The Open Rods hit the track first and what turned out to be a fantastic afternoon for 304 Scott Thompson taking three wins out of his three races. Strong performances also from 94 Charlie Marriott the current British champ, 180 Paul Lockett, 14 Ian Whittaker won the Allcomers race.

The BriSCA F2's threw up a major surprise white top 318 Leyton O'Reilly took the first Heat and only on the last bend in Heat 2 when Michael Green 154 nipped through to pip Leyton. Leyton though had the Buxton oval sussed and shocked us with a flag to flag win in the Final, great to see a lower grader take a win. The Grand National was 154 Michael Green's second win of the day.

In the Micro F2's 7 to 11 year olds provided some great racing, some spectacular shunts including roll overs with the wins going to 51 Joelan Maynard, 25 Callum Johnson and two wins going to 293 Elexie Bartram who won a Heat and took the Final after a lightening quick restart.

The Super Bangers back on track again after last weeks British Championship meeting saw 220 Grant Heath take the Rob Jenkins memorial race, a keenly contested race with 199, 3 and 54 all battling for the top spots. Dave Berrisford took Heat 2 after a spectacular shunt took out the top two being 54 and 32. Tyler Cope 32 then went on to win the Final and then the Allcomers race.

With two drifting demos during the course of the afternoon, spectacular tyre smoking, superb car control, something a bit different. So ended another afternoon of oval motor sport here at Buxton Raceway.

Review of the 18th September meeting

Well it was action packed racing all the way through the afternoon here at our meeting on 18th September.

It got underway with the National Ministox and new gold roof national champion 1 Charlie Guinchard raced to victory in his 2 heats and final with 392 Lewis Evans taking his heat and the allcomers race. Best presented mini stox went to 246 Jensen Brickley.

The Fast Fords saw the wins going to number 10 John Plater, 1 Dave Carter and 14 Luke Pepper in the Final, although a mixture of Hot Fords and Fast Fords were out there were plenty of cars on track and the racing from them was spot on.

The 1300 Stock cars although down on numbers provided some great racing, from Skegness 466 Alan Lakey taking a heat and the final with other winner being 27 Chris Ratcliffe.

In the Super Bangers today they were racing for the British Championship a title held by number 3 Dave Cope, and after a restart Dave went on to hold onto the British title, his car smoking heavily towards the end of the race but this problem must have been fixed as he went on to win all 3 races on the day.

Back to Basics Unlimited bangers provided plenty of action, some fast, some keen on crashing but the wins went to 290 and 46 in the heats, and 178 taking the final in his big Jag.

Then we had the Grand Prix Midgets who were a visiting formula and with their racing on slick tyres were the quickest round Buxton raceway, with the wins going to number 5 Mark Hodges who took a heat and the grand final, with the other heat going to lady racer 262 Camey Dorrell in her beautifully prepared racer, Camey previously raced in the Ministox, but looked completely at home and very quick in the GPM.

Review of the 14th August meeting

It was a sunny dry day on the 14th August and with the track hosting the 2016 second BriSCA F1 Semi Final the crowd was huge, all perfect scenarios for a good day of racing.

First on track was the 2016 British Championship for the Open Rods, with a couple of cars dropping out it was decided to put a couple of non qualifiers in at the back, the race got off to a good start with 84 Rob Booth the best to get away at the green, however within a couple of laps 94 Charlie Marriott passed the 84 car and pulled out a bit of the gap to take the win, Charlie was well happy with his win which his first title race. The Open Rods then had a Heat 2 [won by 202 Paul Dutton], Final [84 Rob Booth] and Allcomers [4 Josh Birkin] to round off a good days racing for the ever popular formula.

Main attraction of the day was to be the BriSCA F1 Semi Final, 515 Frankie Wainman led the big race for most of the way but then 445 Nigel Green managed to get past, rounding off the top 5 were then 217 Lee Fairhurst, 212 Danny Wainman and 84 Tom Harris, after the winners had their trophies it was time for the draw with the other semi final winner 318 Rob Speak, Nigel Green was lucky to get inside pole, putting Rob Speak on the outside of row 1 for the World Final, winner of the meeting Final was 37 Chris Cowley and the Grand National 515 Frankie Wainman.

V8 Hotstox were on and a with a good amount of competitors and an all in format meant the racing was proper - too many cars on a small track, the formula is at its best when run like this and today was no exception, Heat 1 winner was 211 Pheobe Wainman, Heat 2 149 Marc Radforth, the Final went to 211 Phoebe again and the Allcomers went too 498 Olly Spencer.

The National Ministox were also in contention but a fairly quiet day by their standards, 1 Courtney Witts took Heat 1, while 392 Lewis Evans won Heat 2, Heat 3 went to 183 Charlie Guinchard who also took the meeting Final.

1300 European Championship Result
Following a board of Control Meeting for the result of the European Championship we can now announce the results are:

2016 European Champion – 145 Peter Slater.
2nd 200, 3rd NAV, 4th NAV, 5th 220, 6th 472, 7th 515, 8th 555
Allcomers 1: 472, 220, 515, 196, 119, 288, 200, 621, 466, 702
Allcomers 2: 220, 288, 472, 466, 37, 295, 621, 196

As you will see the 3rd and 4th places have been Null and Void (NAV) as post race checks on 5th and 6th were not carried out.
This we feel is the fairest way to finalise this.


31st July Review

A dry day and even some sunshine meaning ideal conditions for oval racing here at Buxton. The 7 to 11 year olds in their Micro F2s started the proceedings, star driver 293 Elexie Bartram took a heat and final with 155 Archie Grindey taking the other heat after 293 spun off whilst in a commanding lead.

The 2 litre bangers were in reasonable numbers for the 124 Phil Manning Memorial. Joe Parsons 25 won two heats and the final, and the d d was won by 321 Richard Manning.

Of the visiting formulas, the Heritage F2 cars, copies or actual racers from prior to 1973 The first race was for the British championship and after a hard fought race 760 Howie Cardew held on to win. Heat 2, and Giles Carter took the top spot, onto the final and this time victory went to 347 Ian Johnson.

Brisca F2 were back and 154 Michael Green continued his dominance here at Buxton taking a heat and final with the other win going to 768 Tom Adcroft and 581 Dan Fallows.

The Rebels were the other visitors and with around 30 cars battling it out over 4 races. 2 heat wins for 777 Mark Dicken. 238 Gary Tagg took the final with 777 second and Joshua Smith grabbing third. The Rebels allcomers race saw first ever race win for 834 Paul Chingy Towers who held on to from 21 Mark Trewin to take the chequered flag.


24th July Review
Twenty one races featuring mini stox, lady bombers, open rods, hotfords, mod stox and bombers. Minis started the afternoons events even before they crossed the start line when 481 Mitchell Driver turned it over causing a race stoppage. 204 Kayleigh Cannell from the Isle of Man took the win. 180 Jack Witts and 183 Charlie Guinchard took the other Heats. The Grand Final went to 1 Courtney Witts after she had mixed results in the Heats. The allcomers race saw Guinchard take his second win of the day.

The Open Rods were quick and plentiful and 928, 94, 304 took the heats with 94 Charlie Marriott running away with the final even after he lost a big lead due to a race suspension.

The Hot Fords raced for points towards the starting line up for the Gold Roof Championship and due to a lightning quick start 212 Martyn Box took the top honours.

Lady Bombers although a low car turn out they were very entertaining with wins going to 04, 08 and 04 again in the final.

The bombers raced for the British Championship and the Championship went to 19 Joe Frankland, a very well deserved win.

Modstox provided plenty of action which saw 103 Katie Billington rolling over. Steady results from 343 Paul Heath and impressive drives from white tops 667 and 610 namely Liam Sankey and Steven Roberts, but the man to beat was former V8 Hotstox'er Brandon Marlow who won both Heats and the Final.



Welcome to the July and Mid season Newsletter, we have not had much to report previously hence no other newsletters have been released. E&OE.

Staff Wanted
We are on the lookout for staff members on race day for various roles, a lot of staff have been ex-drivers so maybe there are some ex drivers who may want to join us as part of the Buxton Raceway Staff Team. Please contact the office for details.

Points Charts/Grading Lists
We email you the various points or gradings of the formulas that you all race, please make sure you have supplied an email address and that it is a current or working one! Points/grades are always added to the website on the same day as they are sent round the drivers, so please check before racing – it is your responsibility to ensure your roof / grading colour is correct, if not you will have to start at the back of the grid.

Booking in to race – all Formulas.
We need to produce accurate booking lists for spectators who are planning to come and watch the racing, we have had to constantly contact drivers to see if they intend to race, a lot of time is wasted doing this – what should happen is you contact us, we will add your name to the booking list, the booking list will grow and by the time it is released to the website this is when spectators will decide if they think its worth coming along – so therefore ITS VERY IMPORTANT that you book in to race, we also have to plan our meeting format, if a formula can’t produce a minimum of 5 cars we may look at cancelling the formula on that day, so please book in by the Wednesday for the weekends meeting! We thankyou in advance for your assistance in this matter.

One thing to note is that the booking system I have being running via the Facebook Group seems to be working well, of course this is only useful for those of you on Facebook, if you aren’t on it, then please make sure to contact us to book in, as follows…

Contact us via:
• Email:
• Phone: 01663 732526
• Via the Facebook Group

You must book in through the Buxton Raceway office if you wish to race away at other tracks, do not book in with other promotions directly.

All Formulas – Noise.
We need to be more pro-active about the noise emitted from cars, can all drivers please try to make sure that all cars have at least one silencer.

All Formulas – Safety Items
Please make sure you have all the correct and proper safety equipment such as balaclava’s etc

Junior formulas must have neck brace and the rules for that read specifically:
A NECK BRACE is compulsory for Junior formulas. A spine support is optional. The neck brace must be complete and the wrap around style and not the U shape style or a forward head restraint can be used but must be to either FIA or SF1 standard. It remains the driver’s responsibility to ensure that their device is the correct size and fitting and used with a compatible helmet. It is also a requirement that a driver must be able to quickly exit from their car wearing the head restraint and helmet without the intervention of a third party.

Questioning results or reporting issues
f you have any questions regarding results that are given out on the day can you please come to race control and discuss it there, we cannot change results once the meeting has finished and the results posted onto the website / sent to points compilers.

Also, if you have any complaints about contact or other on track issues the procedure is the same – please visit race control as soon as possible.

Fixtures 2017
We are currently looking at/ planning the fixtures for next year, as i'm sure all you are aware we are restricted on number of dates now and we as a business are going to be looking at the possible future of a couple of formulas, this will free up some fixtures so that the formulas with more cars/ entertaining formulas will have the possibility of more fixtures next season. Just so all drivers are aware we are not looking to just drop the formulas with low car turn outs as sometimes the racing from these formulas is better than a full track of cars.

Im sure you are all aware that there will no rash or easy decisions to be made but we have to look at what's best to the future of Buxton Raceway.

Thank you, Matthew Watson

Contact in Hot Fords and Open Rods
The level of contact car to car has been creeping up, this needs to be dealt with and the promotion want to make drivers aware that we will be applying the following firm rules; 1st warning – drivers will be DOCKED 2 places, 2nd warning – Black Flag and loaded up, if that second warning happens during a Final then you will automatically miss the next meeting.

Hot Fords
Due to ever decreasing amounts of cars we are now going to run the race day line ups from a normal points list, the only required roof colours will be for championship winners, you may keep your existing roof colour, new drivers or returning drivers will be placed accordingly.
The traditional grading system is no longer suitable with only a small amount of cars, so now the points will be updated after each meeting, sent to drivers / on website and cars will be lined up by track officials based upon the latest chart issued to drivers, we will run out the rest of the season and see how it goes.

Next Hot Ford meeting is the 24th July and will be the Gold Roof Championship, a points list will be issued soon but there will be a further two Heat races to take points from, and the Gold Roof will be the Final, none qualifiers may start from the back of the grid.

Open Rods
The formula has been fantastic this season with a superb amount of drivers wanting to race, we thank you – also noted from myself personally is how keen you are all to book in via the Facebook group – thanks [Nik]

The ladies race for the Fords Charity was a huge success, many thanks to all who took part and raised some money for this worthwhile fund.

Coming up for Open Rods is the British Championship in August, theres still another qualifier to go on the 24th July, the British Championship will be a big event for you in front of a big crowd, AMG TV who will be there to film the BriSCA F1’s will film the big race for incusion on their Premier Sports Tv programme a week or so later so can driver please make sure their cars are well presented for this event.

Fast Fords
Drivers are still showing interest, please note all Zetecs are now included in this formula, Hot Fords can race with them as usual and ALL drivers will score points.

Next meeting for the FF is 18th September.

Junior Rods
Please be aware that the Micra will be only car allowed in 2017, other cars can be run now but must be 1000cc

Also, like the Hot Fords the grading system is now closed, drivers will be lined up in points order [most points at back], championship winners must have the correct colour to denote the championship win.

The Junior Rods are next racing on 31st July.

National Bangers
Some meetings have been switchd to Back to Basics, whoch have worked well, its good to see a variety of different cars and quick builds, we are quite sure the drivers have enjoyed it too, back2basics score National Bangers points.

Next meeting for 2lts is the Phil Manning memorial on 31st July, no Mondeos, no Focus, no Cougar, no Vectra, lets give Phil Manning a good memorial and PLEASE book in.

The Bombers British Championship is now on at the next meeting on 24th July, this also doubles as a Gold Roof Qualifier.

Ladies Bombers
Firstly many thanks for supporting the last couple of events, a few extra cars on track really does make it worthwhile for everyone involved, and its good to see some newcomers having a go, we thank all of you who have raced and to help share the info on FB etc, please keep up the interest.

We are paying £20 for a heat win, and £30, £20, £10 in the Final top 3.

Next Meeting for the ladies is the 24th July.

1300 Stockcars
A brilliant turnout for the British Championship weekend, but where are all the Buxton drivers?, many have left and the cars sold back to Skegness, others have cars but aren’t racing? Whats the answer?

Next big event is the Gold Roof, at Skegness on 24th July – please contact us to book in.

For 2017, the formula will be required to run Transponders, as per an agreement at the 1300 driver meeting. The type used fall into two main types – direct powered, or rechargeable. We are recommending the rechargeable ones as they are the cheapest, they are AMB / MyLaps 160, you can buy new from MyLaps or used on Ebay [and often refurbished, see ] , other formulas use the 160 such as Stoxkarts, National Ministox etc, the other type is the direct powered 260DP, these are a lot dearer, all transponder types have a good resale value meaning if you sell it, you will get your money back. There is another option in the “Flex”, these are subscription based and are good value, full details on the MyLaps website – . Another local supplier who are in Congleton are who will also hire you one for the season, but as previously mentioned you can get refurbs from Ebay which are better value.

The next meeting for the 1300’s at Buxton is 28th and 29th August for the European weekender.

Super Bangers
A little quiet this season for the formula but despite this the racing has been good, we had a rollover at the last meeting and we cannot think when we had a rollover before that in Supers, it was 3 Dave Cope who tripped up and I am told that the car which is possibly the oldest car being raced in the formula is in the process of being repaired.

Next meeting for the Supers is 28th August which is a British Championship qualifier.

Facebook and Social Media Info
Buxton Raceway is available on Facebook, lots of photos and videos as well as raceway chat.

Social media is an excellent tool for advertising but PLEASE NOTE that it is not the place to complain about the raceway. If you have an issue with the raceway then please pick the phone up and speak to Matt Watson.

BUT, there have been problems, we will not tolerate poor conduct from an of our drivers or staff on ANY form of social media that they / you take part in, if you are drivers you are still responsible for those who are associated with you, please be aware for what you post and remember that it can be seen by all, drivers have lost their right to race at meetings for comments on the internet.

In the meantime the forum is still available to use, its very quiet these days but its also the place that features as an arcvhive for all news, results, driver bookings from years gone by.

Drifting continues in 2016 see the fixtures at We offer back to basics drift events and you don’t need a top spec fire breathing Japanese car to have a go, a lot of the guys use old BMW’s and have a lot of fun with them, some drivers have learned their craft here at Buxton and gone on to drift nationally, our events are held over a weekend and there is much socialising in the bar until late, the main Drifting competition takes place on the Sunday afternoon, we usually have a tyre changing facilities on site too.

That’s it for now.
Newsletter compiled and written by Nik Eastwood


19th June Review
19 races, and proper stock car racing with plenty of contact. 30 plus Open Rods in the pits, which was
enough to have a 3 Heats format, 84 Rob Booth was superb winning both his heats and the final# and 94
Charlie Marriott took the other heat race.

The Junior bangers suffered a car shortage but 125 Billy Kidd took the 3 wins.

The Fast Fords Zetec powered Focus and Fiestas saw some very fast clean racing, with wins going to 124
Dave Hanson taking a heat and final with 067 Marc Walker crossing the line first in the other heat.

The Lady Bombers raced for the British Championship and 04 Charlene Cornes cleaned up with heat wins and
then claiming the British for her efforts.

The Superbangers raced, in race 1 British Champ 3 Dave Cope had a spectacular roll over, which ended his
racing for the day, 199 Dave Berrisford took the win. 14 Jason Black led them home in heat 2. Then 32
Tyler Cope was up front when it mattered to grab victory in the Country store cup after some contact
between 54 Percy Mycock and 199 Dave Berrisford.

On to the Bombers with heat win for 117 Jake Crowley and 19 Joe Frankland, later on in the Peggy Marson
Memorial race again lots of contact behind winner 125 Jack Marson, the other Tyrefit boys made it hard
work for the rest. So ended another action packed afternoons racing.



5th June Review
First class racing and bright sunshine, the best combination for any oval race meeting and Buxton Raceway had it in bucket loads on the 5th June.

Junior Stoxkarts produced three wins for 59 Connor Benstead with the final going to 24 Harley Thackra.

The Micro F2's were back again and Sam Carter 185 proved again he is the business as he was undefeated in each race.

The Hot Fords raced firstly for the One2One Championship and 76 Richard Pearce took the win. 122 Martin Maguire took two wins in the other races which were run as Allcomers.

The Junior Rods saw 3 wins for 17 Will Cooley.

The Stoxkarts in both Juniors and Seniors had plenty of karts and provided plenty of action. The seniors saw a win for 47 with second and third filled by the other Faultless family racers. That was heat one, in heat two and the final 471 Alaster Houghton crossed the finish line first. Then in the allcomers 71 Tom Gray racing from blue left the rest in his dust to take top spot.

The BriSCA F2's first race of the day was for the coveted National Championship and 647 Chris Burgoyne took the win just as he did in 2014, Chris gets to keep the beautifully crafted sterling silver F2 stockcar model for a year. Onto the heats and 154 Michael Green took two heats. Chris Burgoyne took the other proving he's double quick around Buxton's oval. The Final went to Londoner 846 Ashley England and the Grand National went to another Scot a certain 7 Gordon Moodie who by chance took his 400th win final the night before at Cowdenbeath - a feat only achieved by one other racer 167/667 the legend Bill Batten.


2nd May Review
At Buxton Raceway on the 2nd May there was a great day of racing from all the formulas that attended as well as some superb displays from the Monster Truck and the Drift Cars, the weather was very changeable but this didnt put off the many spectators that turned up to see the afternoons events.

It was championship time for three of the formulas on track, first the Super Bangers and the Nothern & Midland Championship, this was won by Buxton Raceway veteran 3 Dave Cope from Leek, Dave has raced the track for many years and has won the title on many occasions, taking second spot was also a driver from Leek 199 Dave Berresford who had won the same title last season, and third was Buxton racer 53 Anthony Cope.

The big race of the day with many drivers in contention was the Open Rods Northern & Midland Championship, the grid was formed via points scorered at previous meetings and it was Buxton Raceway newcomer 928 Matthew Robertson from Biddulph who took the win, in second was 400 Ross Sinclair from Nottingham, and third 25 Aaron Cresswell from Stoke.

The Open Rods raced again but with ladies in the driving seats as they raced for the annual FORDS Charity Ladies Race, 10 ladies took part and they all raised money to go towards the charity which looks after injured drivers and staff members, the winner of this event was Katie Bunyard from Rugby.

The last championship race was the 1300 Stockcar Northern Championship, the winner was a driver who normally competes at the Skegness track, 374 Darren Mumford.

Other formulas that raced were the Junior Bangers, final winner was 9 Joey Holmes Jr from Birmingham, the Micro Bangers and the final winner was 25 Joe Parsons from Stockport, and the Super Rods and the final winner for those was 239 David Poole.

Sponsor a meeting, a formula, or a race.
You or your Company can sponsor any of the race meetings at Buxton Raceway during 2016.
As a meeting sponsor you will get a banner logo [including a link to your website if you have one] on the website for one week leading up the event [you must supply the artwork/logo], an advert in the programme, and "Sponsored by..." on the meeting Finals trophies - you or a representative can award the trophies on the day [usually the Finals]

Other options are available such as just sponsoring your chosen formula, or just sponsoring one race.

Please contact to make an enquiry making sure to leave a telephone number so we can call you back to discuss your requirements and prices.

Update from the ORCi - all formulas.
A recent update from the ORCi which drivers of all formulas should be aware of is as follows:

Statement from the Oval Racing Council International
With immediate effect, drivers will not be allowed to exit their cars whilst the race circuit is live i.e. under “green” racing conditions. This includes both drivers on the race track whose car has become immobilised and those who retire to the infield who must also remain in their cars with both their safety harness and helmet on. The only exception to this is where a car needs to be vacated in emergency conditions – i.e. fire etc. If a driver is in a car and feels there is a problem which officials may not be aware of which potentially makes staying there unsafe, they should indicate this to an official with the “thumbs down” signal who will then ask race control to suspend the race. It should be noted that in all cases, the primary cause(s) of the suspension/stoppage, shall be excluded for any re-run or re-start.


7/1/16: Statement from the Oval Racing Council International

With immediate effect, drivers will not be allowed to exit their cars whilst the race circuit is live i.e. under “green” racing conditions. This includes both drivers on the race track whose car has become immobilised and those who retire to the infield who must also remain in their cars with both their safety harness and helmet on. The only exception to this is where a car needs to be vacated in emergency conditions – i.e. fire etc. If a driver is in a car and feels there is a problem which officials may not be aware of which potentially makes staying there unsafe, they should indicate this to an official with the “thumbs down” signal who will then ask race control to suspend the race. It should be noted that in all cases, the primary cause(s) of the suspension/stoppage, shall be excluded for any re-run or re-start.


Buxton & Skegness Stadium 1300 Stockcar Tyres

We understand that some of the current permitted tyres are difficult to get hold of now, particularly Kingpins. So with immediate effect both Buxton & Skegness promotions have introduced the 175/70R13 82T Kumho Solus KH17 tyre that may be used, tyre testing has taken place over the last few months and both promoters are happy with the results. The availability & price of the Kumho are also important to keep the 1300 Saloons costs affordable.

We will continue to monitor these tyres for the rest of the season.

For any further information please contact your own Promotion.

PLEASE NOTE: these tyres ARE NOT TO BE USED at the forthcoming European Championship weekend at Buxton Raceway 30th and 31st August.