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Fuel Non return valves were included as an ORCi requirement in Oval Race formulae some time ago.

In 2016 there was a high profile case involving a Non return valve not being fitted in a particular formula that was dealt with somewhat leniently at the time given some more general issues with regards their fitting and scrutineering with the anticipation that this would be an example to raise the awareness to all drivers that a fully operational/working Non return valve MUST be fitted.

In recent weeks various investigations have revealed that drivers continue to abuse the rule from taking cars to scrutineering and then removing them or fitted and tampered with.

From the 1st May 2017 drivers are now warned that contravention of this rule WILL result in an automatic mandatory ban under the technical rules/ penalties of 6 months. This applies to any driver not having a fully working non return valve fitted and/or it being tampered with in any way.

Issued ORCi 6h April 2017


19th March Review
The second meeting of the season on the 19th March here at Buxton was another action packed event. The BriSCA F2 Stox had 154 Michael Green on top form taking the heats and final on a soaking wet track. With great results for local white top 142 John Hadfield, he wont be white much longer as he eventually got his hands on the chequered flag in the Grand National race.

In the Juniors Micra Rods, 19 Ben Germany in a beautifully prepared racer took 2 wins with the final going to 17 Will Cooley. With 4 new racers in the field it is good news for the formula.

The V8 Hotstox provided plenty of action, Glossops 355 Brian Andrew took the first heat, the 26 car with Hayley Williams in it took a hefty hit and ended up rolled over by the fence. The other heat went to 17 white top George Riley, the Northern and Midland final on a very wet track was won by 498 Olly Spencer from 65 & 17, a driver to note was home in 4th place and that was Reddish racer 482 Martin Fletcher who tries so hard at many meetings and does well but seems to get caught up with things in the last couple of laps so it was good that he got a well deserved 4th place.

The Fast Fords had 3 visitors from Skeggy in Mondeos and boy were they quick, not only that but those Mondeo Rods look well suited to the Buxton track, they make a great looking Rod, taking the heats but in the final 186 John Plater took the top spot.

The 1300 Stockcars were light on numbers with a few no shows, 83 Scott Mclay and 125 Jack Marson were on top form, sadly 288 Gavin Charlesworth blew his engine in practice.

In the Unlimited Street Bangers 91 Kyle Cooley was leading both heats when his racer stopped, but in the final he got it right to get across the line first. A good mixture of Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes, Fords and Rovers ensured plenty of action throughout.

On a very wet track that got more treacherous as the afternoon went on that provided excellent entertainment until the final chequered flag of the day flew.

12th March Review
Well what a great start to the season here at Buxton on the 12th March. There were new drivers in most formulas. The National Ministox had about 6 novices. The Street Bangers had experienced racers and new including Finn Rhodes in the No 10 who arrived without a licence and thought he was here only to watch, WRONG!, his mates bought him a licence for his birthday present. He had 3 good races gaining valuable experience.

The Open Rods and Hot fords provided excellent racing with the results spread throughout the fields in each formula.

The Super Bangers although down on numbers wound their V6 & V8s to entertain us, we are told next time they feature there will be more competitors.

The stand out drivers on the day included; Ministox No1 Charlie Guinchard with Heat & Final wins including the Buxton gold cup which was sponsored by Altrincham Skip Hire. Hot fords, 295 Graham Heywood with a heat win and other top 6 finishes. In the Open rods 700 Jak Parsons took a heat and final from his yellow top starting grade. The Super Bangers saw 2 wins for young 32 Tyler Cope. Lastly the street Bangers and 290, 178 & 117 shared the wins.

The racing was great entertainment, the weather was kind to us and all the racing done in under 4hours.


7/3/17: BriSCA / BSCDA / BMB News

BriSCA, BSCDA and BMB met on Monday 6th March.

After a lengthy several hour meeting the BMB have resolved some of the difficulties that have arisen following the disappointing recent outcome on the future of Coventry Stadium.

First and foremost in these discussions was that BriSCA and the BSCDA acknowledged the concerns of our valued fans and drivers/race teams and, of prime consideration was the protection of Formula One Stock Car Racing, ensuring it’s stability and future growth. We have to evolve a critical path moving forward in future years. All fully understand and acknowledge the uncertainties and disappointment this has created. The meeting focused on ‘where do we go’ as dwelling on how did we get to where we are, whilst we can and have learnt, does not resolve the future. The whole situation at Coventry, whilst frustrating in terms of communication, remains complex and delicate and may at some point have legal ramifications between parties involved which BriSCA and BSCDA can neither influence nor become embroiled in.

We appreciate the patience of all parties, BriSCA and the BSCDA have tried throughout the Winter to offer as much support as they could to the Coventry team to try and engineer a solution, we would certainly have been criticized similarly had we taken decisive action in December in terms of reallocating fixtures etc and then possibly Brandon became a reality in the Spring / Early summer.

All should also understand that whilst we have lost stadiums in the past including iconic ones the situation at Brandon has been somewhat ‘unique’ in its process and the difficulties.

The Coventry promotion, we are encouraged to acknowledge, remain 100% committed to finding a new and replacement venue. The timescale at this point is unknown and we believe that for the future, plans should only be revealed once there is some certainty to progression.

Against that backdrop of ‘where we are’ BriSCA and the BSCDA along with the full co-operation of the Coventry promotion, have to manage for 2017 an unprecedented situation along with planning and consultation for 2018. To this end it is impossible to satisfy every ones ‘ideal’ vision of what that may be, in part due to the complexity of 5 months work in concluding National fixture lists and Championships. It is not quite so simple as relocating Coventry’s events to other venues the first weekend of the month which may appear vacant, other formulae, championships and for example speedway are now committed.

In a co-operative spirit between all parties the BMB can announce the transfer of some of the planned Coventry fixtures, to be hosted in co-operation with venues concerned. Every effort has been made to try and remain on ‘shale’ to maintain a balance where possible and of course, availability.

The following amendments to the 2017 calendar are proposed as follows subject to final confirmation.

Sunday 4th June – Sheffield BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP
Sunday 6th August – SHEFFIELD
Saturday 2nd September – KINGS’ LYNN
Sunday 8th October – BELLE VUE
Saturday 4th November - STOKE

The Coventry promotion have been allowed some additional time over the next several days to see if any further dates may be accommodated.

To prevent a recurrence of this unusual situation in the future, mechanisms with BMB are now in place with protocols to ensure ‘deadlines’ with regards fixture planning. In this process, BriSCA and BSCDA discussed at length initiatives for restoring medium to long term confidence in the sport which will develop as the year unfolds looking forward to the 2018 season ongoing.

Plans for the 2017 BriSCA Formula One World Championship Final at Ipswich have also been confirmed as follows.

1. This is a one day event at Ipswich on Saturday 16th September at Breaking with tradition, there is no pre event Friday evening in 2017
2. Following exhaustive negation between Spedeworth and Suffolk County Council, the start time is
3. During the afternoon, final timings to be announced ‘ practice’ will take place and Overseas Time trials prior to the start.
4. This event will be a 7 race programme and, exclusively BriSCA F1 with an aim of attracting 90 BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
5. Final format for the event will be announced closer to the event.
6. Advance tickets are already on sale via the Spedeworth office/website

We are ‘truly’ in this together, however unfortunate those circumstances may be and there cannot at this juncture be ‘overnight’ solutions whilst many variables are examined and defined to resolve that important step forward.
Issued: BriSCA / BSCDA / BMB Tuesday 7th March 2017


20/1/17: Helmet Update from ORCi

There has been some updates to the Helmet Rules issued by the ORCi with immediate effect, view the document HERE


17/1/17: Hire Cars

This season we plan to get a hire car back out in the 1300 Stockcars, we are also planning to hire out two Junior Micra Rods.

If hiring is of interest to you, please contact Matt Watson in the office.


2016 season review by commentator Steve Hayward

Lots of different formulas have entertained us here at Buxton Raceway this season. Our regular domestic racers have provided plenty of thrills and spills from the Juniors through the Fords, the HOT or FAST types, Open Rods, Bombers, Bangers, Super Bangers and 1300 Stock cars. The visiting formulas of the BriSCA F1 and F2, V8 Hotstox, National Ministox all provided great battles with the high point being the BriSCA F1 Semi Final back in August. The rare visitors of the GP midgets, MASCAR, Super Rods, Modstox and Stoxkarts not forgetting the MICRO F2 with some of these youngsters starting at just 7 years old.

Who Won What

In the Fords the Fast bunch were headed by 124 David Hanson who took the points. In the Hot Fords lot the gold roof was won by 212 Martyn Box, the British title went to 1/548 Dave Carter.

Super Bangers and 199 Dave Berrisford topped the points, 3 Dave Cope retained the British title, the National champ is 54 Percy Mycock.

In the 1300 Stock Cars young 288 Gavin Charlesworth topped the points, the British and Northern went to 25 Stuart Hodson and 374 Darren Mumford respectively, the European to 145 Pete Slater all drivers from the Skegness track. The annual Whites and Yellows race went to a very lucky 555 Amy Carr.

On to the Bombers Ladies first and 04 Charlene Cornes dominated taking all the major wins, onto the mens and 19 Joe Frankland took most of the top honours, With 125 Jack Marson and 99 James Sellors running him close.

The National Bangers, the honours went to 797 George Plant and 290 Johnny Harrison sharing the main trophies.

In to the Open Rods, 400 Ross Sinclair topped the points and it was a close run championship this year not decided until the last meeting. The British and the Gold roof titles were grabbed by local racer 94 Charlie Marriott. 928 Mathew Robertson went home with the Northern and Midland trophy and the peaks title to boot, Open Rods saw a huge amount of competitors this season and some superb racing.

In Brisca F2 768 Tom Adcroft piloted his machine to the points title which was decided on the very last meeting.

OUTSTANDING RACERS include Elexie Bartrum in the MICRO F2 she is consistently quick around Buxton. 132 James Hall Morton a multiple winner in the Stoxkarts.

INCIDENTS and ACCIDENTS were a plenty, spectacular rollovers, fence testing with assistance and without, all this has meant an action packed season, roll on 2017!

On the staff side of things our starter Mike Ward had only missed one meeting all season, a fantastic effort appreciated by all the team here at Buxton.

A full list of the main winners appear below:

Points Championship – 125 Billy Kidd
Stars of the Future – 125 Billy Kidd
Peaks Championship – 700 Jak Parsons
Gold Roof Championship – 125 Billy Kidd

Points Championship – 90 Joey Holmes jr

Points Championship – 124 David Hanson

Points Championship – 76 Richard Pearce
Northern & Midland – 1 Dave Carter
One2One Challenge Cup – 76 Richard Pearce
Gold Roof – 212 Martyn Box
British Championship – 1 Dave Carter

Points Championship – 199 Dave Berrisford
Northern & Midland – 3 Dave Cope
British Championship – 3 Dave Cope
Silverdale Cup – 3 Dave Cope
National Championship – 54 Percy Mycock
Country Store Cup – 32 Tyler Cope
Rob Jenkins Memorial – 220 Grant Heath
George Mycock Memorial – 53 Antony Cope
Finals Presidents – 199 Dave Berrisford
Runner Up Burton Cup – 32 Tyler Cope

Points Championship – 288 Gavin Charlesworth
Peaks Championship – 83 Scott Mclay
British Championship – 25 Stuart Hodson
Northern Championship – 374 Darren Munford
European Championship – 145 Pete Slater
Whites and Yellows – 555 Amy Carr

Points Championship – 04 Charlene Cornes
Northern & Midland – 04 Charlene Cornes
Peaks Championship – 04 Charlene Cornes
British Championship – 04 Charlene Cornes

Points Championship – 290 Johnny Harrison
National Bangers King of the Peak – NOT RUN
Phil Manning Memorial – 290 Johnny Harrison
Micro Bangers Northern & Midland – 797 George Plant
Micro Bangers George Mycock Memorial – 797 George Plant

Points Championship – 19 Joe Frankland
Peaks Championship – 19 Joe Frankland
British Championship – 19 Joe Frankland
Neil Allsop Memorial – NOT RUN
Gold Roof – 19 Joe Frankland
Peggy Marson Memorial – 125 Jack Marson
King Of The Peak – 19 Joe Frankland
B2B King Of Peak – 99 James Sellors

Points Championship – 400 Ross Sinclair
Northern & Midland – 928 Mathew Robertson
Peaks Championship – 928 Mathew Robertson
Gold Roof – 94 Charlie Marriott
British Championship – 94 Charlie Marriott
FORDS Ladies Charity Race – 306 Katie Bunyard

Whites & Yellows – 362 Dave Harley
Track Points – 768 Tom Adcroft