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About Buxton Raceway

Welcome to Buxton Raceway, set in the heart of the beautiful Peak District just 3 miles from Buxton Town Centre just off the A53 Buxton to Leek road. The track is a 380 metre tarmac oval with steel plate fencing and a figure of 8 circuit.

The circuit has many facilities for spectators, including a covered stand, licenced bar and a limited amount of trackside parking is also available at most meetings (extra charge applies). We have a track shop that you can buy soft drinks from as well as stickers and the popular oval racing magazines etc. There are Oval racing merchandise stalls in regular attendance as well as our own superb range of Buxton Raceway Branded items - available at the Pit Office.

Buxton Raceway, formerly known as 'High Edge' started in the early seventies, after trying to get more info on this retired promoter Dave Pierce says: "Racing originally started at Buxton in 1974. I have tried to find out the exact date from George Mycock's widow but she is uncertain. All it was at first was a field with huge tyres around the outside and it has since obviously progressed to what it is today.", a lot of drivers who remember the racing in those first years also date it to around 1972/3.

Check out our "A Little Track History" mini site by clicking here.

The Raceway has good facilities for the spectator, we run our own 'Domestic' Formulas, and we also have Travelling Formulas on a regular basis too, please see the fixtures page for a list of whats on, or use the Contact Us page to request a fixture list via post.

We also feature Drifting Events, a venture which has been quite successful and we have operated Drifting now for a fewf years, our Drift events have seen some of the drivers have success at a national level after cutting their teeth at our track.






Buxton Raceway