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This is a guide giving a brief description of all the various classes of racing that appear at Buxton Raceway, links are provided for external websites on the Visiting Formulas, and on the domestics you can find links to the Rules and Grades.



1300 Stockcars are the newest formula to Buxton Raceway, we have run them since 2009 now and they have been running to same spec as Skegness Stadium's 1300 Stockcars on the East Coast, these are armoured up cars specially built to take a knock or ten! Racing is sustainable and the action is superb.

1600 Open Rods

1600 Open Rods are strictly non contact using any car up to 1600cc engine limit, Citroen Saxo / Pug 106 and the Honda Civic are very popular. Cars are easy to build and the racing is excellent.


Hot Fords are front wheel drive Fords running as a non contact formula with strict rules enforcing standard parts throughout, the racing is fast and close. Drivers race for different championships during the season and even race away at Skegness on one weekend per season.


Basic 'nudge and spin' banger racing with light contact, meaning that generally cars last longer. Lots of drivers take part which adds to the spectacle and there are regular championship races, a very popular formula here at the Raceway.

We also run Ladies Bombers too which is very popular and becoming a formula in their own right.


Some great racing can be seen in Junior Rods and drivers are aged between 10-16, many drivers go on to race other formulas with great success.

From July 2016 Junior Rods will all be 1000cc Nissan Micra's built and raced to non-contact rules, lots of drivers compete and the racing is first class from the youngsters


We are working alongside Incarace, Trackstar and Startrax to make this formula a National formula and we hope that this means along with our Buxton Junior Bangers we also get a steady stream of visitors who are welcome at all meetings at Buxton.


Full contact banger racing - not for the faint hearted! usually in 2.0 litre cars or the bigger Unlimited Bangers (King Of The Peak) where anything goes, smashing fun for all the family.

Under the National Banger spec we also run Micro Bangers a couple of times a year, small cars up to 1200cc engines such as Micra's and Corsa's etc.


These are a step up performance wise from Hot Fords and the power plant in these cars is the 16v Zetec Engine, using original injection or 38DGAS carb



More of a racing class than the bangers, these cars are toughened up with steel plate all round, usually having 3 litre engines they are fast, noisy and very good entertainment - especially in the wet!! Super Bangers are one of the crowd favourites here at Buxton and have seen a good increase in cars over the last few years.
Popular cars in this class are Ford Capri's, Sierra's, Scorpio and Rover SD1.


The ultimate in contact racing, these cars have 'unlimited' V8 Chevy engines that the spectator can feel as they thunder past, drivers use the bumpers to nudge other cars off the racing line to gain places, Buxton Raceway is one of the best tarmac tracks in the UK to host this formula and the racing is awesome.

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A smaller version of the F1 Stockcars, these use the Ford Pinto engine of 2L capacity and hundreds of drivers take part all over the country, these F2s are very fast on the raceway with a good turnout each time.



The V8 HotStox are full sized stockcars just like the F1s, but the V8s use a Rover V8 for power and limited rules on both tyres and suspension, making the V8s a cheaper option to race, the lower spec tyres and suspension makes for entertaining action whenever they appear, the V8s produce good racing at Buxton and have many different championships through the season.



Aimed at kids from 10 to 16 this formula is considered a training ground for the youngsters wishing to do bigger and better things with many drivers moving to F1 and F2, full contact is allowed and the racing is fast and exciting, these kids have no fear when on the raceway and a rollover is never far away!! also of note is the fact that a lot of girls take part and they are just as action packed as the lads.



Rebels are a very unique formula, each and every car is built to the same spec and no other modifications are allowed - in fact each car has the same tyres and the same fuel, this means that driver skill has to shine through to win, Rebels use the Reliant 850cc engine and the driver can use the bumpers to gain places, Buxton is a popular track for the Rebels and produce large grids of cars at each appearance.



Small in size.. Low in cost.. BIG on thrills
This is a kart based formula using specially fabricated kart chassis with the look of the traditional stockcar with its bumpers, nerfs and aerofoil, the aim of the game is to remove the driver in front, the formula has tightly controlled tyres and engines, there are lots of competitors and the action is second to none, there is also a junior class - where sharing a car with a senior is allowed.



Pure bred open wheeled racing cars that only run on oval tracks, strictly non contact racing with each car having engine of unlimited design to 1400cc max, with engine position either front, mid or rear mounted, races are long - often to 30 laps and due to them being open wheeled, when it goes wrong it can lead to mayhem!!



The UK Modifieds are oval track race cars that use modern high powered motorcycle engines which produce up to 200bhp, and in a car that weighs only 500kg's this makes them very fast indeed. This an american derived formula and Buxton Raceway's long straights mean these cars are some of the fastest cars competing out there today.



Modstox is a low cost single seat open wheeled stockcar formula  powered by a four cylinder Reliant 850cc engine. Superficially the cars look similar to most other stockcar formulas but the details reveals that the formula is designed to ensure racing can be done on a strict budget. Strict rules ensure cars are well matched which results is some very close and exciting racing.
Many ex F2 Stockcars can be re-engineered to run in this class.