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Driver Licencing and Formula Rules

all the info you need is available here in this ORCi Document, 2023 Driver Safety Spec - rules contained in this important document supersede any rules written in the formula rules.

2024 RACE DRIVER Licencing Info

Buy a Race Licence

1. Decide which Licence you need from the chart below:

Formula after
1st Jan '24
pay to
Street Bangers 75      
National Bangers 75      
Super Bangers 45 *20 Y  
Junior Micra Rods 45   Y Y
1300 Stockcars 75   Y Y
Open Rods 45 *20 Y Y
Hot Fords 45 *20 Y Y
Add On Licence 10      

If you need an Add-On Licence [a Licence for a second or third formula] you must price up the dearest Licence first, then add the 10 to it for each Add-on.

If you are a new driver and want to check if a Race Number is available, please email us here first to check.

2. Decide how you want to pay.

A. Send us a Paypal payment to for the required amount -

PLEASE tell us in the message box WHO its for and WHICH FORMULA/S. and write their race number on it.

B. Send a Cheque, payable to H1EDGE Ltd ONLY, do not send a cheque made out to Buxton Raceway as well will have to return it to you and your licence wont get processed.

3. Download and print the Licence Form.

4. POST the Licence form to us [the address is on the form], including two passport type photos, if you want your Licence Book posting to you when its been processed, PLEASE include a 1st or 2nd Class Stamp with your form.

What to send us:

  • The completed Licence Form
  • Two Passport photos
  • Postage Stamp [if you want licence book posting to you]
  • Copy of Birth Certificate [see item 5 below]
  • Payment [if paying by cheque] you can send a paypal confirmation if you want, but we will get notified when you make a payment anyway

5. If you are buying  a JUNIOR LICENCE, if you are a new driver you must send a copy of your Birth Certificate with your form.

6. Some formulas mandate the use of a Raciever Device, and / or a Transponder, please see the sections below to make sure you buy the right type.


Formula Rules

Please note that these rules relate to the formula and car for construction and safety purposes.

Please Note: All rules obtained from here or the Buxton Raceway Office supersede any other rules previously released from previous seasons, please make sure your car is constructed to the correct spec before presenting it to be scrutineered.

WHAT SAFETY ITEMS DO I NEED FOR 2024? all the info you need is available here in this ORCi Document, 2024 Driver Safety Spec - rules contained in this important document supersede any rules written in the formula rules below.

2024 Rules Of Racing - ORCi

ORCi Drug and Alcohol Policy

RACEciever info - required in 2020 onwards for Junior Micra Rods, Open Rods, Hot Fords, Super Bangers, 1300 Stockcars.

Please find the rules for each formula in the table below, click on the formula to display or download the PDF documents

Formula Version File RACEciever
Required ?
Junior Micra Rods 2024 Rules DOWNLOAD yes yes
1600 Open Rods 2024 Rules DOWNLOAD yes yes
Hot Fords 2024 Rules DOWNLOAD yes yes
Street Bangers 2024 Rules DOWNLOAD no no
National Bangers 2023 Rules DOWNLOAD no no
Super Bangers 2024 Rules DOWNLOAD yes no
1300 Stockcars 2024 Rules DOWNLOAD yes yes











Additional Rules for Skegness RookieBangers CLICK HERE



Applies to:

Hot Fords
Open Rods
1300 Stockcars
Junior Micra Rods

Many of you will have read on the internet about the introduction of RaceRecievers, we brought these in for Junior Rods during 2019 but the ORCi require them on most formulas for 2020 onward.

In all formulas drivers must have a RACEceiver device fitted, The RACEceiver device for Drivers is being mandated at ORCi tracks all over the country. This small communication device is revolutionising the industry, making the sport safer for both the drivers and officials. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track and to ensure the correct driver is excluded should a black flag be needed.

The suggested Raceceiver is the "RACEceiver Fusion+" or the "RE SwitchR" available at many outlets on the internet, they are not usually supplied with earphones, so you will need to supply a set of in-ear earphones with a 3.5mm plug.


^ REswitchR
see Harrison Supplies on Facebook
^ Fusion+
Mcgill Motorsport
Spedeworth Store

That information will be written into the 2020 Rules for each formula, it is a requirement that ALL drivers have them - it is YOUR responsibility to have one, just like it would be with a helmet or overalls, please look them up on the internet where there are deals to be had - "RACEceiver Fusion+" or "RE SwitchR" is what you need to look for.

You will be informed which channel you need to tune into upon scrutineering.




From 2023 season onward this applies to:

Hot Fords
Open Rods
1300 Stockcars
Junior Micra Rods

Those formulas are required to have a transponder for lap scoring purposes.

Transponder Compatibility for Buxton Raceway is as follows:

Types that are compatible:

Red car/bike 260DP [direct powered]

Red car/bike 260 [rechargeable]

Yellow 160 kart

Red car/bike Flex

Yellow karting Flex

Yellow X2 kart

Red X2 car/bike

TR2 [red car/bike]

TR2 [yellow kart]


NOT COMPATIBLE are the Motocross types, these are usually ORANGE in colour and marked "MX" - DO NOT BUY THEY WILL NOT WORK.

Not sure? please contact Nik Eastwood before purchasing.


Additional Info/notes
Some of the new types are subscription only, they are cheaper to buy but will incur a monthly fee, should one of those fail, it can be replaced by mylaps as part of your sub [if you bought it new]. BE AWARE that subscription transponders will need to BE ACTIVATED before use, otherwise they will not work, activation is by a laptop/pc or tablet with a cable and transponder cradle which will be part of the package, some of the very new ones can be activated by bluetooth. WE CANNOT activate transponders at the track. You will need access to your mylaps account to activate them and all instructions will be supplied with a new Transponder.

The Transponder must be mounted in the car in the orientation as in the pics above, a large hole must be put into the rear floorpan [6inchx6inch] and the transponder needs to be mounted so that its bottom edge is level with the original floor pan, the transponder needs to have a clear, unobstructed view of the track surface so that it can send its signal to the track pick up loop, it also needs to be visible to the scrutineer.

We do not hire Transponders.

Mounting Suggestion

A few suggested outlets for Tx

MYLAPS Direct [Various locations] 

HS Sports [Congleton]

TSL Timing [Tamworth]!/MYLAPS-TR2-Direct-Powered-Racing-Transponder/p/416762479/category=9429027 

We use TSL to buy the timing equipment from, they are very helpful and can diagnose connections via Teamviewer.


Murray Motorsport


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