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Licencing and Rules

2018 Race Licences are available below:

Prices 2018

National Bangers 75

Super Bangers 75

Junior Micra Rods [10 to 16] 45 

1300 Stockcars 75 

Open Rods 75 

Street Bangers 75 

Hot Fords 75   

Fast Fords 75

Day Licence 30

Add On Licence 10
If you require a licence for a second formula you must pay the price of the higher costing formula first, your second add on licence will then be 10, we may be able to waiver the cost if you require a third add on, please contact us first if you require this.

2018 Driver Licence Form

Please print out reciept and send with completed form and photos to the address on the form.

Junior Notes: No licence will be issued without proof of age [passport or birth certificate], so please remember to include them.



Pick from
You can pay via paypal with a debit or credit card.

You do not have to be registered with paypal to use this service.

You can make a direct payment to our Paypal account - send your payment to payments@buxtonraceway.com 

Add On Licence

To Licence for a second formula, you need to pay the Add On Fee which is 10 per extra formula, please indicate on your Licence Form which add on Licence you require, and leave a note upon payment. Please print and send reciept.

You can also Pre-Pay a Day Licence on the Pick From menu above left. Bring your reciept to the gate when you race.



Please note that these rules relate to the formula and car for construction and safety purposes, for stadium rules and regulations in general please refer to this Rule Book which incorporates the ORCi Rules of Racing 2017.

Please Note: All rules obtained from here or the Buxton Raceway Office supersede any other rules previously released from previous seasons, please make sure your car is constructed to the correct spec before presenting it to be scrutineered.

2017 ORCi Update regarding HELMET RULES click to read

Please find the rules for each formula in the table below, click on the formula to display or download the PDF documents

NOTE: Junior Micra Rods, National Bangers plus Street/Unlimited B2B will be issued in January after the Christmas break.

Formula Version File
Junior Micra Rods 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
1600 Open Rods 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
Hot Fords 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
Street Bangers 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
Unlimited Street Bangers 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
National Bangers 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
Super Bangers 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
1300 Stockcars 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
General Track Rules 2018 Rules DOWNLOAD
Track Rules and Regulations CLICK HERE




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