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Hello there and welcome to the 'History of Buxton Raceway' page, all images and information are from many various sources and if anyone has any early material we can add then it would be welcomed, please email to website@buxtonraceway.com .

There was some history prior to the oval track, by way of the Buxton Rock Festivals, they operated on the site between 1972-74, they attracted some "big" names of the time, visit THIS LINK to view some pages relating to these events and notes from some of the attendees, there are further links at the page bottom for '73, '74 and details of the "programmes" with the Mycocks Booth Farm as the area, and George and Joan Mycock as the Site Owners

The '72 Buxton Rock Festival

Buxton Raceway was originally known as 'High Edge', and its believed to have been started around 1974, here is a letter from one of the original drivers, Allan Inwood:

"Today (28th March 2004) for the first time in many years I went to Buxton Raceway accompanied by my youngest daughter. I enjoyed the afternoons racing and so did she but that is not my reason for contact. This evening she was looking at the raceway website and called me when she found the old pictures section.
The attached file is from 1974. (see below) I raced at the first meeting at High Edge Raceway and competed in that first year when the track was just a bulldozed dirt oval with earth banks and tyres for 'protection'. I remember going to the Quiet Woman pub in Earl Sterndale for the first drivers meeting to see if there would be enough support for racing to take place. The people who went included a group of disillusioned hot rodders seeking to get away from the Belle Vue promoter, others ranged from truckers and farmers to car-nuts who just wanted to race anything. The first meeting I well remember those earth banks because I spent most of my first race sat on one, I couldn't get the car off the top where I had been shunted by another racer. I wasn't a successful banger racer ( I blame the machinery) and I didn't continue after that first year but I am glad that racing has kept going at the venue.
Regards Allan"

Alan racing at the first meeting Quiet Woman Pub, Earl Sterndale

A few photos through the years:

1975, the small building between the truck and the Ambulance is the old race control building, its still there today next to the spectator stand. Car in the pic is that of Ted Preston

1975 (ish) action from some Mini's

1975 (ish) These were known as 'Bombers', note they raced the 'wrong way round' for a Right Hand Drive car

1980, racing now the correct way round, with a basic form of fence, striped car is Ted Preston

Andy Carter [140]  in his Capri Bomber was a regular trophy collector in the early 80's.

A view down the home straight, before the spectator stand was built, what a bleak day, but what a great crowd too

Action here from the 1980's, track now more developed with rumble strips on the inside, 295 is Graham Heywood who still races today.

Winner here is 295 Graham Heywood, with Steve and Chris Unsworth, fella with big smile and stripey shirt is commentator of the time John "Killer" Kinghorn.

Racing often took place on the Figure of 8, car up front is team 'Ashwood Alcoholics' - could be Keith Burgess 270

The 'Outlaws' were also regular High Edge drivers

So were the 'Sharks' this pic from circa 1987

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