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Kids Go Free Offer

Notice to all: We now comply with GDPR Regulations, if you have previously asked to receive the Kids Go Free Vouchers your email address is now deleted from our system and the last voucher you will have received from us was for the meeting on 20th May 2018.

If you wish to continue receiving the Kids Go Free Vouchers, you must re-apply below.

Please note we only require your email address, you are free to unsubscribe at any time, simply reply to any of our emails following the instructions at the foot of the mail.

In 2018 Buxton Raceway are offering the chance for kids (5 years old to 15 years old inclusive) to gain admission to race meetings for free. This applies to selected meetings at Buxton Raceway*. To qualify for kids free admission vouchers please email us below

Terms and Conditions:

1. You only need to give us one contact per family, when your voucher arrives by email you can print one for each child under 16, you will receive vouchers until you unsubscribe.

2. Applications made after 1pm on the Friday before a meeting takes place may not be added to the mail list in time and therefore might not have vouchers sent out.

3. We do not send vouchers out for every event, so if you have not recieved one by 5pm Friday before a meeting then its unlikely we will be sending them at that event.

4. The voucher you will be sent is a PDF document and will be sent via email, you need to print this out for each child and show it to the staff on the turnstile.

5. You must be able to produce your childs ID or Birth Certificate upon entry, refusal will mean full admission may be charged.

6. This offer terminates at the end of racing season.

7. If your child reaches the age of their 16th birthday, please unsubscribe from the offer list.

8. If you wish to stop recieving vouchers for each meeting, please feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

9. Buxton Raceway does not keep any information about you other than your email address [an obvious requirement to allow this offer to work]

10. From time to time, you may recieve other information about Buxton Raceway, such as: cancellation of an event, change of fixture, or information about forthcoming events.




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