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August 2012 Newsletter
PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:22 pm Reply with quote
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Welcome to your updated news from Buxton Raceway.

Buxton Raceway has 4 meetings in August with the BriSCA F2 Semis last week, well doneto Barry Goldin and John Dowson Jnr for winning theirsemi-finals. The next meeting at Buxton is 19thAugust and then the Speed-weekend at the end of August on 26th and 27th August. Please note later start time of 2.30pm for the 26th. The 19th and 27th are at the usual start time of 1pm.


I am sick of reading rubbish on forums and on different websites (i.e. facebook). If you have an issue with Buxton Raceway then pick the phone up and call me. If I keep reading all this on these sites then it WILL result in a ban. This ban will be an ORC ban and therefore you will not be able to race at any other ORC track.

Northern and Midland Car Jump Championship.

The Annual Car Jump takes place on Bank Holiday Monday 27th August. At the moment reigning champion Elliott Dowd’s and 2011 Champion Paul Hill are both booked in for this. Get booked in now to challenge them to fly the highest and furthest over the cars.

Whilst the car jump is taking place I will need some drivers to volunteer to walk around the crowd doing your collection for the driver’s benevolent fund, FORDS. Anyone willing to go and collect please get in touch with the office and let me know.


National Bangers have not featured much this year but with the Annual 2 litre non Mondeo/Cougar Bangers taking to the track on 19th August this will hopefully change. Support for this meeting when it was first run was terrific and if rumours are to be listened to then this meeting will be well supported again. This meeting will also feature the Annual collection for the Derbyshire Rutland and Leicester Air Ambulance for Peter Corbett who since his accident at Buxton back in May 2009 has now raised £55280.00for the air ambulance and we would like to support him in doing a fund raiser again this year. Get them bangers built and show some support for such a good guy and a top driver who has sadly had to retire since the incident.

1600 Bangers

I was requested at the start of the year to add 1600 Bangers like other promotions do and after a couple of meetings for this formula we as a promotion cannot understand why all the drivers who requested this are not supporting them. They return to Buxton on the first day of the speed weekend over the bank holiday weekend, 26th August with a 2.30pm start. As explained at the back of the Bomber rules in section 30 –

- Extra Cars that ARE allowed - Bluebirds, Stellars, Primeras, Vectras and A60’s – Exclusions still include Mondeos, Cougars.
- Bonnets can be held down by either seatbelt or 2 Dig-dag bars with sufficient washers and nuts.
- Corner plates can be welded as per National Banger spec rules.
- Drivers doors can have a one inch box welded to the bottom of the window opening to strengthen the drivers side.
- Also permitted is spinning towards the fence. NO follow-ins will be permitted.
- A Bulkhead Steamtank is optional but if fitted must terminate behind the engine block and not be welded to the inner wings.
- Also allowed to have 4 bolts per door if strapping is not used.
- Two bolts in the boot or strapping.
- Tyre Gaitors are allowed.


Some issues have been raising their head again in Bombers, we did manage to half get the formula back on track and after the recent changes within the promotion and meetings with my staff I am hoping to get this back on track with some bans being handed down to rule breakers.

Bombers are back on the 27th August with their Peaks Championship, let’s hope with these warnings and as will be explained at the drivers meeting on the day that if you break the rules then you will be loaded and depending on the incident could be issued a ban from ALL ORC tracks.

After speaking to a few of the drivers I have decided to have a drivers meeting to see where the future of this formula is going, with regards rules, construction of cars and bans for different incidents. This meeting will be in September and will probably be in Leek/Buxton. You will all receive a letter before this to inform you all. If you do not attend the meeting then DO NOT MOAN. If you have any ideas then they would be greatly appreciated and these can be emailed to me at mattwatson@buxtonraceway.com

Super Bangers

Super Bangers were fantastic last meeting on 22nd July, Car numbers were high with some new drivers taking to the formula, Lee Fearnley and Gary Charlesworth both out of the bombers have taken up the challenge of a new formula. Both I’m sure we will still see within the Bombers at future meetings.

Well done to Dave Hager for winning the British Championship.

1300 Saloon Stock Cars

Saloons last featured on the speed weekend back in July and what a cracking show they put on. They definitely stole the show both days. With some visitors over from Skegness the action was terrific. 25 Cars on track just proves that this formula is definitely the one to be watching for the growth of the formula over the last couple of years. The spirit of the drivers is definitely greatly appreciated, drivers with damage on the Saturday spent all night fixing their cars.

During the vacant period at Buxton the 1300’s have featured at Coventry Stadium alongside the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars and what a show they put on. You all did us proud and we have had interest from other drivers since they saw the show that we put on and the friendliness of our drivers. Thanks again for doing us proud.

Saloons are back with us again for the Bank Holiday Speed weekend with their European Championship so expect the action to be flying in on every lap but aslong as there is handshakes at the end of the races that’s all that matters. Get booked in for thismeeting now so we know numbers as this should be a very busy weekend with the GT Hot Rods and BriSCA F2’s both here for both days as well.

The Gold Roof Championship is at Skegness on Sunday 19th August 2pm start, and we have had invites for our drivers to attend this meeting. If you wish to attend I would ask you to book in asap so that we can get the grid sorted for the main Championship of the year. Any drivers attending will go on the grid but in Gold Roof QR points order. If you do not call soon do not moan if someone else has taken your place on the grid.

Go on boys let’s do Buxton proud and get the cars there and hopefully bring that Gold Roof back to the Derbyshire hills.

Bookings need to be made asap on 01663 732526 or by email to info@buxtonraceway.com.

Hot Fords

Hot fords were last here on Saturday 7thJuly but were also added to the Sunday as numbers for other formulas were low and we thought after the success of the formula over the last few meetings they deserved another outing. The action was very good on track but there seemed to be a few issued with some peoples driving. This will be getting looked at in future as the damage seems to be rising again within this formula.

We have had some issues with the Ford Puma and having to extend drive shafts to accommodate the CVH engine. I have looked into this and decided that for the ford puma only that drive shafts can be lengthened by one inch.


The RookiRod action on track has been very good lately but numbers are starting to drop slightly which concerns me. If there are any ideas out there what people think would make this formula more inviting to others then I would greatly appreciate them being sent to me to have a look at.

RookiRods are back with us on 19th August so get booking in now.

Hot Rods

The last outing for the Hot Rods saw the Hot Rods competing for the British Championship which meant a slightly increased grid with a couple of visiting drivers. It was nice to see some Incarace drivers with us and after a successful day let’s hope they bring more up in future.

The next meeting for Hot Rods is the 19th August when they will be gunning for the Linda Carter Memorial which is usually well supported meeting due to this being a current driver’s family member who they are racing in memory of.

Lady Bombers

We have had some issues with Lady Bombers lining up on track. In future the line-up will be sent round to all the ladies on email prior to the meeting (so if you have not given us your email address on your licence form, I suggest you do it now)and with the help of the marshals it will be your job to line up in the correct spaces. We had a couple of issues that day which I can only apologises about and hopefully the system I am trying to put into place will mean this will not happen again.

Junior Rods

Junior Rods have to be one of the best formulas which Buxton has for bringing new drivers into the sport. This formula is proving to be excellent with some terrific racing from these youngsters. There are a couple of slight issues which need resolving before the next meeting.

1. Camber
Due to some issues with CAMBER and after looking into it and speaking with sum parents it has been decided to allow CAMBER on Junior Rods. The new rule reads:
• Nearside front wheel can have up to 1 inch Negative camber.
• No positive camber & no Negative camber on rear wheels & O, S, F wheel.
• Race damage repairs will be allowed with promoter, Scrutineer’s discretion
• Re-drilling of chassis/suspension components is permitted to achieve the required level of camber.
• No lengthening of drive shaft

2. Penalties
Stiffer penalties for “deliberate” contact have been introduced in a determined effort to improve the formula as unfortunately on our part the Red and Yellow card system has not worked.

The usual system for non-contact formulas will apply. Any driver seen to be making deliberate contact with another driver will receive a warning flag (white flag with black cross) and this will be recorded. Should he/she commit another offence they will receive a black flag which will be a load up on the day. Should any driver receive two black flags within a 3 month period then they will not only be loaded up for their second black flag but will also receive a 2 month ban.

Any heavy contact deemed to be to excessive on the day will result in an immediate load up and referral to the Board of Control to see if the 2 month ban should come into place.

Thank you for taking the time to read. See you all trackside soon

Matthew Watson

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Re: August 2012 Newsletter
PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:52 pm Reply with quote
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Silver Serial Poster
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forumadmin wrote:

I am sick of reading rubbish on forums and on different websites (i.e. facebook). If you have an issue with Buxton Raceway then pick the phone up and call me.

Just a quick note to all members of THIS forum, I asked matt to clarify if the above was in reference to this forum and it wasnt, its aimed at ovalchat/facebook.


I just read that drinking is bad for you, so I have now stopped reading
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 August 2012 Newsletter 
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